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Meet The Team

Meet The Lifestyle Outdoor Team

Meet Spencer Claypool,
Marketing and Sales Manager

Lifestyle Outdoor Team Spencer - Round

Spencer grew up around Lifestyle Outdoor his entire life and used to think everyone had a hot tub in their backyard. He was brought on to help with digital marketing, but soon found himself helping customers in the showroom. He now splits his time between the two roles. Spencer has a natural ability to find the hot tub that best fits a customer’s needs, all the way from the size of the spa down to each and every jet. He enjoys the excitement and happiness a hot tub brings to the customer.

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Meet Jeff Claypool,
Founder, Owner, President

Lifestyle Outdoor Team Jeff - Round

Jeff was a teenager when he started maintaining, repairing and remodeling swimming pools in the mid 1970’s. The hot tub industry was in its infancy back then, but he hopped on board at the very beginning, knowing it would quickly become a household essential. He began assembling and installing Redwood Hot Tubs for customers. By 1981, he opened his first retail store with his dad, selling and delivering self-contained portable spas. In 1984, he signed dealer agreements with both Hot Spring and Jacuzzi brand spas. As they say—the rest was history. Eventually, both his sons, Garett and Spencer, joined the business after they graduated college. He’s excited to be able to see his boys bring a fresh and inspired outlook to this growing diversified industry. They all feel the potential for growth in Los Angeles is unlimited, and he’s proud to share this exciting opportunity with both his boys.

Meet Garett Claypool,
Regional Manager

Lifestyle Outdoor Team Garett - Round

Garett joined the family business along his dad and brother in 2013. He was excited by the potential to improve an already successful business. His favorite part about the business is working with his family and the members of the staff who he considers family as well. He manages the behind the scenes projects tasks that allow the associates to deliver the best customer service and sales experience to Lifestyle Outdoor clients.

Lifestyle Outdoor Meet the Team - SpencerLifestyle Outdoor Meet the Team Large GroupLifestyle Outdoor Meet the Team - PrestonLifestyle Outdoor Meet the Team - Service

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Other Team Members

Greg Brooks of Lifestyle Outdoor

Greg Brooks, Sales Associate

Greg is a southern California native. He enjoys the beaches, mountains and deserts the area is known for, and he also enjoys horse racing. He is well-versed in the various benefits of hydrotherapy and practices what he preaches. Every day, he can be found with a cup of java watching the sunrise while listening to music in his hot tub. He knows that his hot tub has impacted his wellness.

Mark Jolin of Lifestyle Outdoor

Mark Jolin, Sales Associate

Mark is a seasoned sales and service professional, father and outdoors enthusiast. He has a great respect for water and its time-tested healing and calming benefits. You can count on Mark to deliver top-notch customer service and timely communication. He is committed to making it as easy as possible for all people to live well and feel better with a hot tub or swim spa.






Mike Velasco, Sales Associate 

Mike likes to camp, fish, and try new foods. The best part about his job is seeing people of all different lifestyles come to Lifestyle Outdoor and find the perfect hot tub for their needs. Knowing there is no greater feeling than stepping into the hot tub after a long day, he is happy to contribute to the customer experience and giving them that moment of relaxation and joy.

Javier Delgado, Senior Technician

Javier enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and playing basketball. As an employee of Lifestyle Outdoor for more than 20 years, he loves interacting with customers. He has seen just how much a hot tub or spa can contribute to someone’s health and happiness, and he is glad to provide people with the service they need in order to have a relaxing spa experience every day.

Kelly Lupori, Sales Associate

Kelly was born & raised in Illinois but recently moved to sunny Southern California.  She is a big fan of hiking and the outdoors so California was an easy transition for her.  She enjoys working at Lifestyle Outdoor because the customers are friendly and love the product.   “Id have to say my favorite tub would be the HotSpring Grandee NXT.  The size is great for entertaining and it looks gorgeous at night with the exterior lights.  Absolutely no need to drop it in the ground or build something around it.”

David Carter, Sales Associate

David has been writing music for 20 years and loves spending time with his two children. He enjoys meeting everyone that comes into Lifestyle Outdoor and fitting them with a relaxing spa. His favorite hot tub is the Jacuzzi 210 because of its amazing price and the round shape which is the perfect size to fit four.

Tony Smotherman, Sales Associate

A recent graduate with a degree in Kinesiology, Tony loves to hike and be outdoors. Exercising is passion of his and there is no better way to do it than in water.  From swimming to aquatic exercise, he finds it to be the best work out with out creating injuries and inflammation.  Its great to work at Lifestyle Outdoor because people are genuinely excited when they are buying a hot tub.  His favorite Endless Pool is the E2000, people can work out and enjoy the hot tub at the same time! 

Robert Castillo, Sales Associate

Robert is a true Pisces—he loves being in and around water. He loves being able to play a positive role in affecting how his customers approach and end each day through hot water immersion therapy. His favorite part of working at Lifestyle Outdoor is showing customers, who are searching for that elusive sense of tranquility, how a daily soak in a hot tub can provide a deeper state of relaxation than ever imagined.

Diana Zagha, Sales Associate

Diana has lived on the West Side her entire life, where she raised her two amazing children.  Being a native of California, she loves being by the water and relaxing by the beach.  Swimming has always been an important part of her life and thats what drew her to the LifeStyle Outdoor team.  She loves how excited people get about the Endless Pool line and how it improves their day to day lives both physically and mentally.  Here favorite model is the Endless Pool E550.

Kelly Frey, Sales Associate

Kelly was born and raised in Napa, CA. Fine wines, fine foods and fine relaxation is what she knows best. Recently relocating to Los Angeles, she found her roots in Lifestyle Outdoor. Family is very important to Kelly and is thrilled to have become a part of this family owned and operated company. She was raised in and around water sports in everything from the thrills of Water Polo and Drag Boat Racing, to the harmonic ease of lap swimming. 

Kelly is a certified Ergonomist, and knows the ins and outs of why our bodies ache and the best remedies for soothing and preventing further pain from developing. She finds passion in what she does and doesn’t just ‘go to work’ every day- she does what she loves and loves what she does. 
Remember- there’s nothing a good soak in a hot tub with loved ones and a good bottle of wine cant fix! 

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