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Warranty Policy

Our Brands’ Warranty Policies

Each brand has its own warranty policy that encompasses the various aspects of your spa. The advertised warranty on our website always refers to the shell, which is the longest warranty offered by each brand.

You can ask one of our sales associates for the specific information about the warranty for the brand and model you’re interested in. Use this as a guide to understand the different warranties that might come with your spa.

Shell Structure Warranty

This warranty is only offered by the Jacuzzi brand. It provides owners with coverage if there is water loss due to a defect in the spa shell.

Shell Surface Warranty

The shell surface warrants interior surface of your spa against blistering, cracking, or delaminating.

Component Warranty

The electrical equipment of your spa such as the pumps, heater, and control panel, are covered under this warranty if any malfunctions occur.

Plumbing Warranty

This warranty protects against leaks caused by defects in the manufacturing process.

Cabinet Warranty

The cabinet material that your spa is encased in is protected by this warranty. If there are defects like peeling or cracking, it will be covered.