5 Swim Spa Safety Tips


Even with the numerous advantages including a hydro massage and increased mobility that owning a swim spa presents to you and your family, it also poses a danger. The safety of the spa user is greatly compromised, especially if you do not follow the various swim spa safety tips that are provided and are easy to follow.

One statistic which was released by the USA Swimming Foundation in 2017 really served to highlight the potential danger posed by a swim spa. It was reported that more than 163 kids under 15 years of age drowned in hot tubs or swimming pools. Consequently, here are some of the swim spa safety tips to be observed to ensure that you and your family stay safe when having that much-needed relaxation time.

Never leave children near or in water unattended

Small children require monitoring and supervision at all times. Even turning your back on a small child near or in a swim spa just for a second can prove to be calamitous. If you are not in a position to monitor a child then designate an adult to do that. The adult designated to do the monitoring job must concentrate only on that and not be distracted by other things such as reading and replying a text.

Also, ensure that toys including the wheeled ones and bikes are kept away from a swim spa. Moreover, children should never be allowed to play games or run near a swim spa.

Stay away from drains or suction outlets

A good number of people, especially young children, tend to be trapped in hot tub or pool drains. To avoid such a scenario, no one should be allowed to play near or on drains. Furthermore, it is equally important that you ensure that pool drain covers bought are certified and that they are installed in a proper manner.

Know how to perform CPR

Often it is a bystander that is better positioned to administer first aid to a drowning victim. Therefore, if you are
knowledgeable on how to perform CPR, that can help you save a life. CPR classes are offered through various community
centers, hospitals and by the Red Cross. Ensure that you update your CPR skills regularly.

Storage and use of swim spa chemicals

According to the CDC, each year there are about 4,000 emergency visits as a result of the mishandling of swim spa or pool chemicals. To avoid such an occurrence, ensure that you read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer properly. Additionally, do not forget to keep your swim spa properly maintained and sanitized.

Install reliable barriers and alarms around your pool and spa

The height of the fence installed around your swimming pool should greatly serve to discourage children who may be
tempted to climb. The children should also be taught to never try to access the swimming pool by climbing over the fence
or gate.

In conclusion, following these swim spa safety tips and many others may greatly help you be prepared and avoid spa
dangers. That is the only way you can have a swim spa experience that is safe and fun during the

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