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Hot Spring Spas

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Why We Recommend Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spring always offer sleek designs, unique massage options, and energy efficient features. These luxurious spas provide a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for everyone. Without sacrificing special features and quality, Hot Spring spas are an affordable option for families. The Highlife collection is the most impressive collection from Hot Spring. It doesn’t skimp on any features and its superior design enhances the function and aesthetic of the spa. The Limelight collection also offers homeowners the ideal combination of therapeutic elements and a sleek design. These high-end collections will make your backyard feel like a resort and put you into an instant state of relaxation.

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Salt Water System

In addition to their standard water purification system that reduces the need for chlorine, Hot Spring also developed the best salt water system on the market. The salt water system, known as the ACE system, enhances the quality of your spa water, keeping you skin soft, hydrated, and healthy. It minimizes the maintenance required to keep your spa water clean. The ACE system automatically generates the cleansers needed for your spa and extends the life of your spa water, so you don’t have to drain and refill as often.

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Innovative Massage System

Hot Spring carries our favorite massage jet, known as the Moto-Massage DX. This patented design is a one of a kind jet that uses two powerful streams of water to target your entire back in a soothing, sweeping motion. Their other massage jets are designed to target your other muscle groups, and you can customize to the pressure level that feels most therapeutic to you.

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Energy Efficient

Your Hot Spring will always be hot for you without wasting energy or expensive electric bills. Their Energy Smart system reduces the energy needed to enjoy their spas, complying with the California Energy Commission standards. Their energy-efficient features include the SilentFlo circulation pump, which continuously circulates spa water to make it hard for bacteria to grow, uses less energy than a 40 watt light bulb. You won’t have to worry about high energy bills with this system.