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Extend Your Living Space Outdoors

With the Installation of a hot tub from the Caldera Spas® brand, the potential of your backyard is virtually limitless. Create a relaxing retreat for yourself and your spouse, an area dedicated to entertainment and recreation, or keep it simple with a basic installation that can be adjusted based on current trends and your lifestyle. At Lifestyle Outdoor, we carry the complete line of Caldera Spas® at each of our showroom locations. These units can seat anywhere from one to six or more adults for a comfortable and relaxing hydrotherapy experience, especially with premium features such as powerful jets, ergonomic seats, LED lighting, digital controls, and more. To learn more about our selection of Caldera Spas® for sale, browse our inventory below or contact your nearest showroom.

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Why Choose Caldera Hot Tubs

When you immerse yourself in a Caldera® spa, you instantly feel your stresses alleviated, making time to relax, ease your mind, get in touch with your inner thoughts, and recharge. We welcome you to a transformation that will reinvigorate you for life’s next adventure.


Solace is a basic component of all our hot tubs. Supportive seats, powerful jets and innovative Foot Ridge® technology provide you with a comfortable environment to help soothe pain and release tension.


We make each and every hot tub detail to reinvigorate the senses. From rich hues and contemporary cabinet styles to the natural shapes of our etched ergonomic seats, each component is expected to calm and bring joy.


Caldera Spas® are designed and manufactured with performance in mind. The result is a premium hot tub that provides users with an exceptional hydrotherapy experience for many enjoyable years to come.

The Health Benefits of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Did you know that spending time in your hot tub regularly can help to improve your health? Hot tub hydrotherapy utilizes a combination of temperature, buoyancy, and massage to deliver a wealth of health benefits. The Caldera Spas® hydrotherapy experience can be attributed to the many premium features and expert design.

The features of Caldera Spas® can include:

  • Energy-efficient design
  • Deep, cradling seats with textured Foot Ridge® footwells
  • Rich colors and contemporary cabinet styles
  • Ergonomically-sculpted seats
  • UltraMassage® seats geared toward neck, shoulder and middle-back massage
  • Atlas® Neck Massage technology with contoured pillows to support your head, while specialized above-water jets focus on your neck and shoulders
  • EcstaSeat® jets that focus on the large muscles in your back
  • Angled calf jets to soothe muscles in your lower legs

Contact your nearest Lifestyle Outdoor dealership today to learn more about the hot tubs for sale, including those from the Caldera Spas® brand.

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