Underwater Treadmills

Endless Pools®

Reasons to Get an Underwater Treadmill

Unlike land-based exercise, underwater exercise can provide your body with low-impact running and walking options that benefit your cardiovascular system without added stress on your muscles and joints.

You can easily adjust the treadmill speed from a gentle walk to an invigorating run, depending on your abilities, health and goals. If you desire more challenging workouts, with the same low impact benefits, simply turn on the swim current for increased resistance against your core, leg and upper body muscle groups.

Hydraulic Power Unit

Like the Endless Pools® Swim Machine, the underwater treadmill is also powered by a hydraulic power unit. This allows it to pump high-grade biodegradable vegetable oil to the incredibly efficient 5 HP underwater motor. If you want maximum power at an energy efficient rate, this treadmill is for you!

Remote Control

Like the Endless Pools® Swim Machine, the underwater treadmill comes with a remote control. It’s completely water resistant so you can increase and decrease your speed with ease! You can go anywhere from 0 MPH to 5.5 MPH. Completely customize your underwater workout!

Year Round Enjoyment

Endless Pools® Underwater Treadmills are economical to maintain. Because the swim spas come with a cover to limit the amount of heat that escapes, you can enjoy your treadmill year round. You’ll fall in love the moment you use your treadmill and feel its benefits on your well-being.

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