Spa Side Accessories

Optimize your spa relaxation

Outdoor Spa Accessories

Caldera® Spas presents a range of accessories designed for your spa’s exterior, including umbrellas, pillows, and handrails.

Spa Umbrellas

Our spa umbrellas feature an expansive 9’9″ diameter canopy that can be effortlessly adjusted to cover either your spa or patio area. Its base conveniently slips beneath the spa cabinet, ensuring stability. You can choose between canopy fabric options in either Creme or Navy to complement your outdoor decor.

Hot Tub Steps

Caldera® Spas offers a selection of spa steps to facilitate safe and easy access to and from your hot tub. Our spa steps are available in various styles, allowing you to match them to your hot tub’s design. Choose from our Avante®, EcoTech®, and Polymer hot tub steps for the perfect complement to your spa.

Illuminated Handrail

The pivoting handrail is designed for versatility, allowing you to position the curved upper portion either inward or outward to provide support when entering or exiting the spa. The base plate securely fits beneath the spa cabinet, ensuring stability and safety.

Towel Tree

Enhance your spa experience with the convenience of a towel tree. Hang towels or robes while you relax in your spa or let them air dry after use. The towel tree is constructed from durable black powder-coated aluminum, adding both functionality and style to your outdoor space.