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Hot Tub Cover Lifters

When embarking on the journey of purchasing your first home spa, it’s easy to overlook the importance of hot tub cover lifters. However, seasoned hot tub owners understand that a quality cover lifter is an absolute necessity. While it might be tempting to save money by opting for a generic or ill-fitting cover lifter, investing in a top-tier system specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with your spa cover can significantly elevate the aesthetics, functionality, and overall satisfaction of owning a hot tub. The convenience of effortlessly removing and replacing your cover not only encourages more frequent hot tub use but also extends the lifespan of your cover by keeping it off the ground.

Options for Hot Tub Cover Lifters

We offer four high-quality hot tub cover lifters, each designed to protect and complement your home spa:

covercradle cover lifter
  • Effortlessly open your spa with the CoverCradle cover lifter, equipped with dual pneumatic gas shocks and ultra-smooth gliding action.
  • This lifter is the largest among the options and requires 24” of back clearance and 3” of side clearance.*
  • The CoverCradle II, an evolution of the original, features a single pneumatic gas spring for easy lifting.
  • Similar to the original CoverCradle, it requires 24” of back clearance and 3” of side clearance.*
  • Ideal for spaces with limited clearance, such as small patios, decks, or gazebos.
  • The UpRite lifter allows the cover to fold up behind the spa bar top, needing just 7” of back clearance and 3” of side clearance.*
  • Additionally, it provides a convenient privacy barrier when open, enhancing your spa experience.
  • The Lift ‘n Glide cover lifter employs a gliding mechanism to effortlessly remove your spa cover.
  • It requires only 14” of back clearance and 3” of side clearance*, making it suitable for hot tubs in tighter spaces.

*Actual back and side clearance may vary depending on spa model and location


At its core, hot tub cover lifters simplify the process of covering and uncovering your spa. No more strenuous lifting or the hassle of moving your cover from storage to use. Without an efficient cover lifter, you might find yourself using your hot tub less frequently. Hence, it’s crucial to invest in a cover lifter that makes opening and closing your hot tub a breeze, even for individuals with limited mobility.

Craftsmanship Matters

The quality of your hot tub cover lifter influences several other aspects as well. A well-crafted hot tub is designed to last for over a decade. If your cover lifter is not rustproof, weather-resistant, or constructed from durable materials, it will deteriorate quickly and fail to adequately protect your spa throughout its lifespan. Therefore, it’s essential to select a cover lifter built with precision and to the same exacting standards as your home spa.

With a Hot Spring® cover lifter, the crossbar is discreetly integrated inside the cover’s seam, ensuring that no unsightly metal bar protrudes across your spa. However, not all cover lifters are designed this way, and since they might not always be prominently displayed at dealerships, it’s important to request a lifter that seamlessly integrates with the cover to avoid disappointment during installation.

Hot Spring Cover Lifters in Action

Seeing is believing. Watch the demonstration videos from Hot Spring dealers to witness how easy it is to use each of the four cover lifters we offer, and make an informed decision to enhance your hot tub experience.