Smart Spa Technology

Efficient Hot Tub Management

ake Charge of Your Spa with Your Smartphone

HotSpring® Spas Mobile App

Utilizing the Connected Spa Kit, the HotSpring® Spas mobile app empowers you to oversee and supervise your spa at your convenience, virtually from anywhere. Stay informed about your spa’s status, make essential adjustments, handle installed accessories, and establish personalized alerts—all effortlessly accessible from your mobile device.

Download the app now and experience the demo mode today!

Simplified Technology for Your Convenience

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Effortlessly manage essential spa functions such as the FreshWater® Salt System, jets, spa lighting, and more from a remote location. Grant access to guest users so they can oversee your spa during your absence.

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Peace of Mind

Stay informed about your spa’s status, even when you’re away from home. Whether you’re on the move or have a second home, you can rest easy knowing your spa is under surveillance.

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Effortless Spa Ownership

Keep track of routine maintenance requirements and conveniently find your nearest dealer through the app to schedule prompt servicing.

Convenient Features at Your Fingertips


  • Fine-tune water temperature, jets, and lighting
  • Keep an eye on and make adjustments to the FreshWater® Salt System*
  • Choose audio inputs for entertainment preferences*
  • Operate the CoolZone™ system*
  • Administer Spa Lock functions to prevent unauthorized use
  • Activate the Summer Timer to maintain hot weather water temperature
  • Initiate a water cleaning cycle


  • Add multiple spas for vacation homes and rental properties
  • Track filter status and service intervals to minimize downtime
  • Include family members and service professionals as guest users


  • Minimize downtime
  • Streamline and customize your spa experience
  • Ensure your spa is hot and ready when you are

*Available on compatible spas. Remote temperature adjustment is limited to 80°F.

Download the App Today and Explore the Demo Mode

Download the App Today and Explore the Demo Mode
The HotSpring® Spas app is powered by the Connected Spa Kit, an option that can be installed by your dealer and is available on most Hot Spring spa models manufactured after 2014. Please note that it may not be compatible with certain Hot Spot® models. To function properly, the spa must be located within 150 feet (45 meters) of the home network router. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

The Connected Spa Kit is a remote system that relies on Wi-Fi connections between the spa and your home network. It is designed for the convenience of hot tub owners and should not replace regular physical inspections and maintenance of the hot tub.