How to Clean Your Hot Tub & Hot Tub Cover


Cleaning your hot tub & hot tub cover is an absolute must!

From weekly to monthly maintenance, keeping your hot tub / hot spa intact, is important to increase the longevity of your product.

It’s great to enjoy a good bath in a hot tub. It can relieve those hard days at work and relax your body and mind but only as long as you keep your spa in good shape. With a few minor tests and cleanings to maintain your spa, you can extend its life and reduce the cost of replacing expensive equipment such as your hot tub cover. Depending on how often you use your spa, you can decide how often you need to care for certain parts.

Preparing Maintenance Calendar

To get started, you should try to figure out the best times to do the maintenance. There are a few things that are best done weekly while others are best on a monthly basis. With weekly maintenance, a few things to look for are the chemicals in the water of your hot tub and if you need to clean the filter. Weekly maintenance is also done monthly, but with a few more jobs, such as changing the spa water and cleaning the spa. Before cleaning, it is important to completely remove the hot tub cover from the spa.

Weekly Maintenance

Weekly maintenance of the spa helps to detect damage before it becomes a bigger problem and requires more costly repairs. Shocking your spa water once a week removes any chlorine or bromine concentrations that formed in the last addition. Shock release activates water and removes chlorine and bromine – chemicals that can inhabit the spa. Next, you should wash the filter. Before removing and washing the filter, make sure your spa is complete.

You can clean the water filter by spraying it thoroughly with a hose or a water pipe filter cleaner. If the filter does not look reasonably clean or if the filter element is deformed or the filter element is loose, you may need to replace the filter. Another thing to check is the pH in your spa. The pH can be checked with a test strip. The addition of an alkalinity enhancer can help the pH to fluctuate spontaneously.

Lastly, use a soft brush on your hot tub cover to brush away particles. You can also take a hose and gently wash off any dirt and particles left over. Towel dry all surfaces and make sure your cover can properly dry. There are also sprays you can use as additional protectants; talk to your hot tub dealer for their recommended brand!

Monthly Maintenance

The monthly maintenance is very similar to the weekly, but with additional things that need to be added. Always start by removing the cover of the spa so as not to cause any chemical damage to the cover. Depending on the frequent use and the environment that your spa meets, you should determine whether you should change the water in the spa every month or at least every three months. Once you decide to change the water, do a good scrub inside your spa after you’ve drained the water. For filter cleaning, do the same as spraying away and dirt, but also soak in a special cleaner for water filters overnight.

Remember, when adding chemicals to the spa, the water can potentially damage the cover of your spa, commonly known as chemical damage. An easy way to protect your cover from chemicals is to buy a floating bubble wrap. This also helps to keep your tub warm with the added insulation.

Following these simple weekly and monthly maintenance tasks, you can keep your hot tub and hot tub cover in good shape and extend its life, giving you the perfect hot relaxation spot for the days to come.

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