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Why We Recommend Jacuzzi

Whether you’re interested in a form of socializing or a powerful way to rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body, Jacuzzi® hot tubs will leave you fully satisfied. Out of all Jacuzzi owners nationwide, 98% say they would recommend the brand to their friends and family. Jacuzzi is the company that brought hydrotherapy to the market more than 50 years ago with their hot tubs, and it is clear they are the leading experts in the industry. The brand is known for their innovation, holding more than 250 patents for their state-of-the-art hydrotherapy features ranging from water purification to jet capabilities. They also have other features you can include in your Jacuzzi® spa, like a waterfall element or LED lights for a soothing chromatherapy experience. Jacuzzi offers some of our favorite features that make it our best-selling brand.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

Jacuzzi popularized the use of hydrotherapy and water massage therapy. The Jacuzzi founders created the brand to help ease the pain of the rheumatoid arthritis in a family member. They have dedicated their brand to research and innovation to assure the highest quality of hydrotherapy is used in their products. Jacuzzi® jets use a patented 50/50 water to air ratio to offer a gentle, yet effective massage. Their jets also spiral and are designed to target specific pressure points. With ergonomics in mind, they’re also fully adjustable so you can experience a spa that is suited for your body. Research has proven that hydrotherapy, which uses heat, massage, and buoyancy improves circulation, reduces joint pain, and accelerate the body’s healing abilities across the board. Jacuzzi recently became a sponsor of the US Ski Team to help with recovery for some of the best athletes in the world.

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95% Chlorine-Free

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Jacuzzi designed the CLEARRAY water purification system, which uses an exclusive ultraviolet light filter to remove bacteria from your spa water. This system reduces the need for chlorine, allowing you to enjoy fresh, clean water that is safe for your skin. Jacuzzi earned the Platinum ADEX Award for their design and innovation of this system, so you can be assured their technology is setting the standard for the hot tub industry.

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Energy Efficient

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All of Jacuzzi® hot tubs comply with the California Energy Commission standards of energy efficiency. The company takes everything into consideration, from the types of lights in the tub to the quality of insulation used, to effectively conserve energy. Jacuzzi’s commitment to making their products as energy efficient as possible, allows you to fully immerse yourself in your spa, without having to worry about expensive electric bills.

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10-Year Warranty

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Our best-selling outdoor Jacuzzi models offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the shell structure and 5 or more year warranty on other features such as plumbing components, controls, and the shell. Their durable products make it a safe investment for your family. You can step into a Jacuzzi hot tub knowing you will enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy for years to come.

History of Jacuzzi and Hydrotherapy


The Jacuzzi brothers emigrated to California from Italy and began picking oranges in the early 1900s. They focused their attention on creating and optimizing water pumps and systems to draw water out of the ground more efficiently. In 1950, when a family member was in need of pain relief from life-threatening rheumatoid arthritis, the brothers used their knowledge of hydraulics to invent a portable hydrotherapy pump. It turned any standard bathtub into a therapeutic spa and helped to alleviate the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.This ultimately lead to the creation of the Jacuzzi brand. Years later, in 1968, another family member revolutionized the portable hydrotherapy pump. He incorporated the hydromassage therapy jets into the sides of the tub, creating the whirlpool bath, which was called the Roman. He also created the patented 50/50 water to air ratio used in Jacuzzi® jets today. Shortly after that, larger units were produced to accommodate groups of people, which created the first hot tub spa. It didn’t take long for the hot tub industry to come to life, and Jacuzzi quickly became a household name. During the 1980s, Jacuzzi refined the home spa experience by offering special features and creating models for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. Now, Jacuzzi customers can reap the benefits of hydrotherapy while also socializing with friends and family. The brand continues to lead the industry in innovation and is the largest manufacturer of spas, earning multiple awards for their efforts and achievements.