Learn How Hot Spring Spas Reduces the Need for Chlorine


Hot Spring Spas’ Advanced Water Cleansing System

One of the only downsides to a dip in a hot tub or pool is the lingering smell of chlorine, that also dries your skin and causes red eyes. Fortunately, industry-leading hot tub brands like Hot Spring Spas have created water cleansing systems to minimize the amount of chlorine needed, making their spas 95 percent chlorine-free.

How Hot Spring Spas’ Cleansing System Works

Hot Spring Spas’ cleansing system is called the ACE system. It uses a diamond electrode to break down molecules and form a strong oxidizer known as active oxygen. The active oxygen breaks down bacteria and other water pollutants in the spa water, leaving your spa with only water and carbon dioxide. Once the water is cleansed, the active oxygen works with salt that you add to the water to create a safe, minimal chlorine sanitizer. Only a small amount of bottled chlorine is added to the spa.

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How Natural Chlorine Differs from Bottled Chlorine

  • Bottled chlorine attacks the spa water contaminants and that creates chloramines, which are byproducts of this cleansing process. Chloramines are responsible for causing the irritating side effects of chlorinated water.
  • Bottled chlorine includes acid to stabilize the chemical. You may need to cleanse your spa daily if you use it that often, which means you are continually adding acid to your hot tub water. The acid also causes red eyes, dry skin, and itchiness.

Benefits of the ACE System

In addition to the health advantages of minimizing the need for chlorine, the ACE system also provides homeowners with other benefits.

Less Spa Maintenance

Because the ACE system generates the cleansers automatically, you don’t even have to think about water care. Your spa water will be clean and fresh and ready for you to use whenever you want to soak.

Conserving Water

The ACE System also extends the life of your spa water, allowing you to only drain and refill your spa up to every 12 months, instead of every 4 months. You’ll save a substantial amount of time and hassle without having to drain as frequently. On top of that, you’re ensuring you’re doing your part to be eco-friendly by not wasting as much water, which also keeps your water bill down.

Enjoy Your Spa More Often

The clean, fresh water of your Hot Spring Spas hot tub will make it more convenient for you to soak. With dated hot tub models that use bottled chlorine, you would have to shower off to rinse the chemicals and the smell from your skin. However, the ACE water cleansing system makes your spa water comparable to bath water, meaning you don’t have to shower off afterward. That means you can soak before bed or in that spare ten minutes you have before getting ready for work. The convenience of not having to shower off will make it easy for you to find time to soak every day.

Purchasing a Hot Spring Spas Hot Tub for Your Home in Pasadena

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