Signs You Need a New Hot Tub Cover


Having a properly functioning hot tub cover has more benefits than one.

By keeping the heat in the tub, it helps maintain temperature thereby minimizing the costs of running your hot tub all year round. Secondly, it keeps insects and debris out of your water when it’s not in use. Keeping the water as clean as possible cuts down on cleaning time and even helps to lengthen the lifespan of your filter.

By looking for the following signs of distress, you can figure out if it’s time to replace your hot tub cover:

Sagging Cover

If your cover is sagging and even collecting water on the surface, that’s a sure sign that you need a replacement. Over time, the water will continue to build up and before you know it, the entire thing can collapse. Your foam cores could be broken, a reinforcement channel could be bent and while you could try to fix it yourself, you’ll need to buy a new one eventually.

Cracks in the Cover

Check your vinyl. If it’s starting to crack or it looks brittle, you’ll want to assess the damage. In some cases, you may be able to remedy the situation with some protectant. Otherwise, you’ll need a new cover. Cracked vinyl affects heat retention, safety, and even the cleanliness and quality of your water. When shopping for hot tub covers, make sure to check the quality of the vinyl. It can make a world of difference.

Puddle Forming

Similar to a sagging cover, if you see a puddle forming, it’s a likely indicator that there are broken cores. If left on its own, the foam can continue to accumulate water and break. If you catch it early enough, you may be able to flip the cover to extend its life until you find a replacement.

Heavy Cover

This is another case of water seeping through. If your cover starts to weigh considerably more than when you first got it, it’s a good sign it’s waterlogged. Even if you don’t see a puddle forming, the foam may have gotten pierced from underneath. Over time, water continues to make its way into the cover. If you can’t lift your cover, it’s time to start shopping.

Smelly Cover

It can smell like mold or mildew; as long as it smells foul, really, you’ll need to replace the cover. In most cases, this is an indicator that bacteria have grown. It may also be a sign of waterlogging, as previously described. If it’s bacteria growth, you may be able to clean the cover with Lysol or other strong disinfectants, but don’t hesitate to start looking for a new cover. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

We Can Help

Not sure what you should be looking for in a new hot tub cover? We recommend replacement spa covers. Every piece of the cover has excellent quality and design in mind. If you have additional questions after reading the features, our team is here to help!

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