Why Hot Tubs Are Good for Back Pain


Hot tubs in Los Angeles are becoming more and more popular. And there is a reason behind that. Many of us dream of the hot tub as a place to relax after a hard day. However, not everyone knows that hot tubs also have a beneficial effect on our health.

Taking a warm bath restores our strength and energy. Moreover, it reduces chronic back pain and allows us to become healthy and flexible. So why hot tubs are good for back pain?

Centuries-long experience

In Ancient Egypt, Rome, Assyria, Greece, and Babylon, people started to use water for medical purposes. In Greece, one of the first supporters of hydrotherapy was the ancient Greek scientist Pythagoras.

In Rome, the development of hydrotherapy was promoted by Asclepiades of Bithynia. And people started to carry out therapeutic water treatment in warm Ancient Roman baths.

Hydrotherapy in hot tubs has a wide range of advantages that distinguish it from other therapy methods. Water strengthens the bones and muscles. Using a combination of thermal and mechanical (water flow pressure) effects, you can get rid of several diseases at once.

A heated bath relieves neck, spinal, and back pain. It reduces muscle spasms, chronic headache, spine inflammation. Moreover, the hot tub heals the back nerves, improves the blood circulation in the back, and immunity. And that’s not all. You will also experience better sleep and the improvement of the digestive tract and liver work.

Rehabilitation therapy

The primary reason for back pain is an excessive tension of muscles. If you have a sitting job, for example, in the office, it is almost impossible to avoid that pain. And now a hot tube comes in handy.

Heat dilates the blood vessels and softens the skin, improving the sensitivity of muscle tissue. Increased blood flow transports toxins like lactic acid away, making the muscles rest. They become more elastic, and nerve endings block signals of pain. And you have only one job – to relax and enjoy it.

To increase the therapeutic effect, you can also massage the injured area. Using the built-in programs, start hydro massage from the feet and legs, gradually moving up to the back. Thus, you raise the blood flow to the spine, supplying more oxygen and minerals to the problem areas.

Doctors claim that back diseases are often interconnected with our minds. Therefore, to enhance your health, let your thoughts go. Focus on relaxation. You can try to meditate when taking a bath in the hot tub. Also, to achieve the best result, you need to choose a comfortable temperature, and water flow, so nothing can disturb your peace.

Hot tubs are often underestimated. Sometimes, people do not believe it can relieve back pain and help them feel better. But once you try it, you understand you were wrong. Its heat relaxes your muscles, and the water flow massages all your bones, making you feel ten years younger. Spending some time in the hot tub every day, you will never again face the back pain. And you will be surprised by notable health improvement!

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