A Beginner’s Guide to Swimming in an Endless Pool


What Beginners Need to Know about Starting a Swimming Routine

Many people are recognizing that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. It combines cardio and strength training in a low-impact setting, making it a great option for people of all ages and fitness abilities. It’s even becoming more convenient for people. Compact pools, like Endless Pool swim spas, allow people with limited space to now own their own pool. The benefits of swimming and the convenience of an at-home pool make it easy for everyone to form a habit of swimming.

If you’re ready to dive in for a swim workout, but are unsure exactly what to expect, use this guide to help you start your swim routine.

Invest in the Necessary Equipment

There are a few essential items you won’t want to skip out on before starting your swim routine. It may be inconvenient to go out and purchase all new things, however, they will make your swimming experience more enjoyable, which makes the habit easier to maintain.


The right swimsuit can make all of the difference. If you’re going to be swimming, you want a fitted swimsuit. Men often have loose-fitting shorts, but the tight suits, known as jammers, will make it easier for you to swim because you won’t have as much resistance. Similarly, women should avoid bathing suits with skirt features and opt for a one-piece rather than a two-piece.


Using goggles will help you see clearly and protect your eyes. Wearing goggles will allow you to focus your attention on a spot on the bottom of the pool, keeping you swimming in a straight line.

Pull Buoy

This prop will help you learn your stroke and take the focus off of your legs. It’s made of foam and is placed in between your legs, allowing them to stay afloat. You won’t be able to kick, so you can fully focus on your stroke, which is where the power comes from.


Kickboards are great for learning to kick with a straight leg rather than kicking by bending at the knee. They also will give you a lower body workout and help recover those muscles.

Start Slowly, Then Build Your Routine

If you’ve never swum before, you should consider hiring a swim coach to teach you the fundamentals. Even as little as five sessions can make all the difference. Once you know the basics, you can build upon them.

Ease into Your Routine

Start with a swim session once a week, then add on more days. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and get discouraged. You can also play around with the types of swim workouts you do. Maybe one day you do normal freestyle swimming, another day you practice on the kickboard, and the next you practice with the pull buoy. That way you can really improve upon those skills.

Try New Strokes

There are four different types of strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. Non-competitive swimmers tend to forget about all of the options. Ask your swim coach how to perform each of these styles so you can find your favorite but also challenge yourself in new ways.

Add in a Clock

As you improve, you may consider timing yourself. See how long it takes you to swim a certain distance and then challenge yourself to improve upon that time. You can also use a clock to develop a better cardio workout. You may alternate between sprints and rest periods, allowing yourself to rest for half the length of time of your sprint.

Add an Endless Pool to Your Home Today

If you’re ready to start your swimming routine, Endless Pool is the ideal option. The swim spas are compact and use a jet to simulate an open water swim. You won’t have to turn or flip, which is ideal for new or experienced swimmers alike. Lifestyle Outdoor carries the best swim spas and are here to help residents in the Thousand Oaks area install an Endless Pool in their home or backyard. Contact us to learn more about swim spas.

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