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We carry a range of premium swim spa brands, such as Endless Pools and Underwater Treadmills. Visit your nearest Lifestyle Outdoor showroom to explore the models and ultimately find the perfect swim spa for your lifestyle.

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Why We Recommend Endless Pools

Lifestyle Outdoor is the exclusive distributor of Endless Pools in Los Angeles. Endless Pools is the leader in aquatic fitness and the most innovative exercise pool. You can swim at your own pace from the comfort of your own home with one of the brand’s swim spas. You will reap the benefits of swimming, which improves your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health, while also being able to enjoy a relaxing spa. It’s the best of both worlds! Endless Pools’ innovative features make their swim spas a must-have aspect of any home.

Fast Lane Technology

Endless Pools has redefined the lap pool. Endless Pools’ patented Fastlane technology can achieve what every other swim spa in the industry cannot. It creates a deeper, wider swim current through the use of hydraulics. While most companies use a jets stream to power the water at a few hundred gallons per minute, Endless Pools Fitness Systems can achieve 5000 gallons of water a minute. This creates a less turbulent, more streamline current, so you can have the highest quality swim workout.

A Size For Any Space

Your swim spa just needs a patio to sit on, but there are dozens of other options if that’s not right for your family. Endless Pools can easily be installed in basements, garages, or other unused indoor spaces. You can also build a deck to give your Endless Pools spa an in-ground feel. The length of the pools range from 10 to 19 feet, allowing you to select the size that works best with the space you have.

Year Round Enjoyment

Endless Pools swim spas are economical to maintain. The swim spas come with a cover to limit the amount of heat that escapes, so you can enjoy your pool year round. It can reach up to 90 degrees, providing you with a heated spa experience that is comparable to hot tubs. To top it off, 90% of Endless Pools owners say they use their pool every week! You’ll fall in love the moment you dive into your Endless Pool and feel its benefits on your well-being.