Backyard Retreat: Creating The Perfect Hot Tub Atmosphere


Turn your backyard & hot tub into the dream getaway!

So you bought your hot tub, had it installed in your backyard… now what? Well, it’s time to create the perfect atmosphere for yourself, your family, and your guests! Aside from finding the right temperature and using aromatherapy, you should also make sure the environment outside your hot tub is comfortable and inviting. Here are a few ways to spruce up your backyard and turn it into a wonderful retreat!


Lighting is an easy way to spice up your backyard. By having adequate lighting, you can enjoy your hot tub at any hour of the evening. Depending on how your home is structured, you can use anything from string lights to standing light fixtures. Make sure to test the way it looks at different hours of the day. Warmer illuminations are much more relaxing than harsh, white lights. Also, be mindful of outlet locations so that they are a safe distance from accidentally getting wet. In the end, have some fun with trying out various types of lighting to see what best suits your taste!


Plants are a great way to make it feel like you’re on a vacation. It’s almost hard to go wrong with any plant choice! Mix and match larger plants, smaller succulents, flowers – whatever will make you happy! It’s all about your dream retreat. If possible, try looking into adding trees as well. Having a lot of greenery surrounding the hot tub gives a sense of seclusion which is great for days when you just need to wind down. For even more privacy, seek out taller plants. What’s great about plants is that you can always move them around!


Whenever people are done soaking in the hot tub, it’s always nice to have a custom walkway specifically for the hot tub. Rocks and wood chips can be uncomfortable on your feet, so having something softer installed would be a great solution.

Rest Area

When people need a break from the hot tub, rest areas are the perfect spot for guests! If you have trees or the right structures, install a hammock. They’re great for napping or reading a book. Gazebos are also a must-have for sunny weather. Provide shade so that your guests can still enjoy the outdoors. If there’s room for a fire pit and some chairs, that would also be a welcoming rest area. People can make s’mores while conversing well into the night.


You don’t need the most expensive speaker system. You can find many different, inexpensive speakers online to fit your needs. Most of them have a bluetooth option so you can easily and remotely control playlists from your phone. Have different playlists ready depending on your guests and the mood. Music is great background noise, gets people dancing and singing, and helps to set the tone for the evening!


Sometimes you run out of topics to talk about or you just want to kick back and play some games. Set a few board games in the rest area. And set some games appropriate for the hot tub nearby. This can be anything from waterproof playing cards to waterproof charades cards. There are also plenty of apps on your phone to download for games such as “Heads Up!”. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Already have the perfect hot tub atmosphere? Comment below to share some of your ideas that work for you!

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