Benefits of Swimming in an Endless Pool


Transform Your Health with A Swim Routine in Your Endless Pool

Swimming offers an array of benefits for the people who choose to practice it. A daily or weekly swim session in an Endless Pool swim spa gives you an effective workout that strengthens the body in a gentle way. Swimming greatly improves your health, both mentally and physically, making it one of the best ways to invest in your wellness.

Combines Cardio and Strength Training

If there’s one workout you should practice in your everyday life, it’s swimming. You get the benefits of cardio and strength training. As you pull and propel your body through the water using both your arms and legs, the resistance builds your muscles. Nearly every muscle in your body engaged from your fingers to your toes, giving you a full-body workout.

At the same time, you’ll build up your cardio endurance. The combination of a steady movement with periods of breath retention gives your heart and lungs the exercise they need in order to function properly for years to come.

It’s Low Impact

Swimming is ideal for people of all ages, fitness abilities, and physical pain or injury because it is low impact. The buoyancy of water creates a safe place for people to exercise without causing damage to their bodies, which is especially helpful if you don’t exercise regularly, if you’re injured or suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis, or if you’re a high-performing athlete and need to cross-train to lengthen the longevity of your muscles.

Because of its therapeutic properties, swimming is a sustainable workout for people of all ages and fitness abilities because it will continue to be a safe and effective workout even through aging or injury.

Improves Your Internal Health

As you swim, your face is in the water for a period of time, limiting your access to oxygen for a few moments. Because of this, your body learns to use oxygen more efficiently, taking in more fresh air and expelling more carbon dioxide with every inhale and exhale. A result of this is that when you aren’t swimming, your body is better able to take in more oxygen while your breathing normally. This lowers heart rate and blood pressure, which greatly contribute to the overall health and function of your major organs and systems.

Swimming Reduces Stress

You likely already know that any exercise will release endorphins into your body, but water workouts add another dimension of stress-relieving benefits. As you’re submerged in the water, you experience sensory deprivation, delivering an instant sensation of calm. Studies have shown regular swim or floating sessions effectively relieve conditions related to chronic stress.

What Is an Endless Pool?

Endless Pool is a brand of swim spas, designed to be like an aquatic treadmill. These compact pools create a current, so you don’t have to worry about flipping or turning. Doing so enables you to fully focus on each stroke, rather than when you’ll hit the wall, giving you the most effective swim workout in your backyard. Contact us to find the right Endless Pool for your family.

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