Great Reasons to Own an Endless Pool


Endless Pools Have Endless Uses

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only thing that you will do in your endless pool is swim. While that may be the case for some, endless pools actually have a variety of uses and are purchased for a variety of reasons. Some people actually just want the option of using an endless pool, but for most people, it is a life-changing decision for the better.

Competitive Training

Making the most of what your endless pool is able to do for you is fully-utilizing all of the features, including using the full strength of the water flow. It’s never recommended to start at full-strength in your endless swim spa, but you can absolutely take your time building up to it. Once you’re using your endless pool at full-speed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fast you’re able to move through a traditional pool!

Hydrotherapy Exercise

One of the main reasons for purchasing an endless pool is for the sake of its hydrotherapy benefits. One of those is the increased-yet-gentle resistance for those who use it for exercise. Doctors may recommend pool exercises, often yoga or pilates, for their patients that live with arthritis and osteoporosis. Many do not know that exercising and strengthening muscles has a similar effect on bones, along with a healthy diet.

Regular Swimming

Perhaps this need not be said, but endless pools absolutely benefit avid swimmers. With the option to adjust the strength of the current from something gentle enough for small children to something strong enough for an adult competitive swimmer, an endless pool is an excellent investment for families with children who need their exercise during the summer.

Workout Recovery

Even though the pool itself makes for a great workout, it is a great option after you’ve hit the gym. Some gentle swimming can have an effect similar to stretching. Hitting the pool after the gym is also a great option if your only desire is to float, and enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home.

Light Massage

Since the water’s speed can be adjusted, you may choose to just stand still, and allow the water to flow over you. This won’t provide anywhere near the same type of intense healing that you can experience under the waterjets of a hot tub, but you will still be relaxed by the feel of water flowing over your skin.


Endless pools’ main purpose is to mimic traditional pools in a limited space. They are able to do this by creating a current that circulates through the pool, giving you the experience of swimming for as many miles as you can! All of the effort that goes into swimming in a strong current male swimming both a cardio and a strength exercise, but some endless pools have a beautiful feature for people who want the feel of running with the resistance of water: treadmill pool floors. With a treadmill in your pool, you won’t go unchallenged with its time for that daily run. Water-resistance intensifies your workout, but it also cushions your feet and joints, making it a safer alternative for your body than running alone.

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