How To Incorporate Your Spa Into Your Work From Home Routine – 4 Steps


As we continue to work from home, it’s important to remember to take care of your health, especially during these stressful times. Though we may have gotten used to working from home, that doesn’t mean that we need to neglect our mental health.

One way to keep your mental health in balance is to incorporate spending time in your hot tub into your regular routine. Leave the stress of the regular world for a few moments each day with a soak in a hot tub.

Whether during your lunch break or to celebrate the end of a hard day’s work, finding ways to break from daily stress with hydrotherapy is a key component to finding a work-life balance and easing tension.

Work-Life Balance

As more and more people continue to work from home, it is important to know how to make space for ourselves. It’s so easy to fall into a routine that doesn’t provide you with much separation from your desk. Just because your commute consists of a few steps rather than a 30-minute drive, doesn’t mean that your time spent at home after a day of work should be any less sacred.

If you catch yourself working when you simply have “nothing else to do”, you might be having trouble maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

To combat this, we highly suggest creating a routine that provides you with regular opportunities to engage in activities that you enjoy, along with a little housework, too! This routine can most definitely consist of time spent enjoying hot tub hydrotherapy.

In fact, here are some other proactive ways that you can live a healthier lifestyle while spending more time at home!

Incorporating Hot Tub Time into Your Routine

1. Sunrise Soak

What better way to enjoy your hot tub, than soaking while the sun comes up? Spending time inside your spa at the very beginning of your day can help you to start things out on the right foot. Wake your body up gently, get your blood pumping and help your body to stretch after a long night of rest.

Soaking first thing in the morning can even be done during your usual commute time. Let’s say that before you started to work from home that you left for work at 7:30. If your commute was 30 minutes, plan a 20-minute hot tub soak during this time, leaving 10 minutes to dry off and get changed.

Not only does this carve out the perfect amount of time for hydrotherapy first thing, but it also helps you to maintain the same timing and routine needed to arrive on-time for work, should you head back to the office.

2. Lunch Break

Do you often have extra time leftover after you’ve eaten your lunch? Rather than heading back to work early, completing housework or watching a show, why not head to the hot tub instead?

Soaking in your hot tub halfway through the day can provide you with a mid-day refresh, so you can jump right back into your work, energized as ever.

3. Mid-Afternoon Bliss

For those who have limited time during the day to break away from work and enjoy some hydrotherapy, maybe a 15-minute soak is all you need. When you wake up, get everything ready for a quick dip in the spa when you have a spare 15 minutes.

Prepare your swimsuit, grab a fresh towel and adjust the temperature to your liking.

All you need is 15 minutes, after all.

4. After Work Hydrotherapy

Reward yourself for a productive day of work. Plan your hydrotherapy session for once your work day is over. You can ease tension from the day and wash away any stress, while transitioning your mindset from work life to home life.

Use this time to reflect on your work day and check off any mental notes that you might have. When you exit the hot tub, you can leave your thoughts of work behind and focus on your family, friends, and home life.

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