How Your Endless Pool Can Improve Your Fitness


Endless Pool swim spas are an ideal way to take your fitness regime to the next level. They help athletes train and recover in ways that aren’t possible without hydrotherapy. Whether you’re a runner, CrossFitter, or another type of athlete, an Endless Pool is a worthwhile investment for lifelong fitness enthusiasts.


The best way for athletes to improve their performance for virtually any sport is through the use of cross-training. When athletes cross-train, they practice another sport in order to improve their capabilities in their main sport. Swimming is one of the best forms of cross-training because it utilizes all of the major muscle groups, giving you an effective workout that can enhance the strength and performance of any sport.

It also is highly beneficial for athletes who participate in cardio-based sports, such as running. Not only are you training your muscles with each stroke and kick, but you are also training your lungs. Because you have a limited amount of oxygen supply while swimming, you naturally train your body to use oxygen more efficiently, which will improve your performance out of the pool.

Active Recovery

While many athletes opt-out of any form of exercise on their rest day, some choose to do a light exercise that helps relieve tension and soreness in the muscles and joints. An active recovery usually consists of a low-impact exercise such as yoga, walking, or swimming. The purpose is to get the blood flowing through the muscles to help reduce injury and lessen fatigue.

Swimming in an Endless Pool fitness system is an ideal way to recover. Not only is it a low-impact exercise, but the buoyancy of the water also removes all pressure from the muscles, tendons, and joints. There isn’t any other form of active recovery that gives your body that restoration. On top of that, swimming works for every muscle group in your body, engaging the upper body, core, and lower body. Doing so allows you to strengthen and recover all areas of your body more efficiently than a walk or easy jog.

Restorative Recovery

In addition to active recovery, Endless Pool swim spas also play a role in restorative recovery. The heated water and powerful jets offer to provide your muscles with high-quality hydrotherapy. This is especially helpful for athletes who are doing endurance or strength training and need to give their muscles a full day to recover. You can use the power of the jet to massage your muscles and release any built-up tension. The heat will also help increase blood flow. Not only can you do this on your rest days, but you can also do it each day after your training sessions to give your muscles the care they need on a daily basis.

While the physical benefits of a restorative approach to recovery are beneficial, so are the mental benefits. Athletes who are dedicating a lot of time and effort to training for a specific event will notice a difference in their performance when they take the time to relax their mind in a calm environment such as an Endless Pool.

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