Who Can Use an Endless Pool?


Any homeowner should always be looking for ways to increase the value of their property in the case that they need to move or sell the home one day. There are a number of ways that this can be done, but in most cases, it’s going to involve purchasing additional features and add-ons to the home. For example, performing a full kitchen remodel that incorporates flashy aesthetics and adding in a number of modern aesthetics is going to be really appealing to a potential buyer down the line. Another extremely popular addition is going to be a pool. However, homeowners now have more options than the traditional in-ground or above ground pool, including endless pools.

The Uses For Endless Pools

For those who aren’t familiar with endless pools, they look like slightly elongated hot tubs and can accelerate water past a swimmer which allows them to essentially swim in place at various rates of speed. Since they don’t take up a lot of space, these are great solutions for homeowners who don’t have a big enough back yard for a full-size pool. Beyond their convenience, they also have a lot of practical uses that a variety of homeowners can take advantage of.

General Fitness

In terms of a full-body exercise, you’re not going to find something that engages the body as much as swimming. It uses the highest number of muscles across the entire body. Even a task as seemingly simple as treading water is going to provide a substantial workout. There are a number of health benefits, including improved strength and stamina. Since it’s a low impact exercise (meaning that you don’t put excessive force on your joints), this keeps the body from deteriorating compared to other forms of exercise such as long-distance running. Since the speed of the exercise pool can be adjusted, you can always push yourself harder when you’re looking for a more intense workout.

Physical Therapy

Endless pools are excellent tools for those who are undergoing any form of physical therapy. Whether it’s post-surgery, post-injury, or taking care of longer-standing issues, the low-impact activity that endless pools offer is extremely useful for patients or general consumers. Besides the actual physical activity, the water temperature can be adjusted, which also contributes to forms of recovery. Additionally, the water buoyancy can reduce the bodyweight of a person up to 90%, which also contributes to the low-stress environment. This, combined with the adjustable temperature and adjustable swimming speeds lends itself ideally towards physical therapy.

Fun For The Family

Beyond physical therapy or intensive exercise, don’t forget that endless pools can be fun for anyone! During the summer, these are going to be great ways for you and your family to cool off on a hot day. They’re also going to give you an avenue for relaxation after a stressful day of work. With adjustable temperatures, this means they can be ideal any time of day or night. Since you can swim at different speeds, you’ll never find yourself having the same experience twice.

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