7 Ways To Make Your Hot Tub Family-Friendly


Hot tubs are perfect for the whole family!

They aren’t made just for adults. With some little touches and an emphasis on safety, hot tubs can be a lot of fun for the kids, too! Below are 7 easy ways to make sure your hot tub environment is family-friendly.

1. Establish A Set of Rules

Before any children go into the hot tub, make sure to establish rules with them first. You can create a poster to display so no one forgets.

These can include rules such as: never be in the hot tub alone, no rough play, and no running around the hot tub. Safety should always be the primary concern so it’s important to emphasize this.

2. Always Have Adult Supervision

No matter what, children should always have an adult present if they will be using the hot tub. Similar to the aforementioned, safety first! Adults are there to make sure children aren’t running in slippery areas near the hot tub, aren’t playing rough with one another, and to remedy any conflicts.

3. Extra Towels & Bathing Suits

If you are hosting the hot tub party, parents and their families will be extremely grateful for this tip! Extra towels and bathing suits / shorts are a lifesaver for whenever someone forgets to bring theirs or if your guests decide last minute to soak in the hot tub.

4. First Aid Kit

You never know what accidents can happen. Having an outdoor first aid kit close by the hot tub is a must-have!

Make sure to have a variety of bandages, alcohol wipes, alcohol-free wipes, antihistamine tablets, eye wash, tweezers, scissors, gloves, thermometer, sprays and creams for insect bites, and adhesive tape.

5. Proper Temperature Setting

We recommend trying to use a lower hot tub temperature with children. Start at 95°F and see how that works for everyone. Lower temperatures are safer for children. However, it’s highly recommended that children under 5 should not be in a hot tub.

6. Easy, No-Mess Food

Foods that are numerous and small, like popcorn and chips, can easily fall into the hot tub creating a huge mess. You’ll end up having to spend unnecessary effort and time trying to make sure the water in the tub stays clean. Instead, try fruit kabobs or popsicles!

You can also have a rule where food is not allowed in the hot tub. Especially for larger or younger groups of children, it may be best to set up a table outside of the hot tub where they can grab snacks when they are hungry.

7. Have Games Ready

There are plenty of games you can play in the hot tub! You can find waterproof playing cards and even waterproof UNO at stores online. You can play “hot potato” with any waterproof toy. Just have an adult play and pause music.

Whoever is left holding the “potato” when the music stops is out, and this continues until there is one winner left.

If you don’t have any hot tub accessories, there are simple games like “Categories” where someone picks a category and everyone has to name an item in that category. If you can’t name one in time, you’re out. Feel free to get creative, and come up with your own games!

Feel free to tell us in the comment section below how you’ve made your hot tub family-friendly!

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