CoolZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System


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Beat the Summer Heat With Your Caldera® Spa

Introducing the CoolZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System, an innovation that takes your spa experience to the next level by offering both heating and cooling capabilities – a feature rarely found in traditional hot tubs. Say goodbye to seasonal limitations and embrace year-round relaxation with ease!

Unparalleled Flexibility and Energy Efficiency

Experience year-round hot tubbing like never before with the CoolZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System by Caldera® Spa.

Much like how an air conditioner keeps your home cool, the CoolZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System is designed to cool your spa water down to a refreshing 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When it’s time to heat things up, this ingenious system seamlessly collaborates with your spa’s heater to efficiently raise the temperature in just a matter of hours.

Depending on various factors such as ambient air temperature, the CoolZone™ System has the potential to significantly reduce operational costs by decreasing the runtime of your standard energyPro® heater, ensuring your water stays hot while saving you money.*

*Please note: CoolZone™ installation requires the expertise of a certified HVAC technician.

Is the CoolZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System a Good Fit for You?

The CoolZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System from Caldera® Spas is the ideal choice for:

Hot tub enthusiasts living in warm climates
coolzone for families
Families and grandparents with young children
Active adults seeking the benefits of cold water therapy