Ease Chlorine System


Make the most of your spa day

Introducing FROG® Water Care Systems

Experience the convenience of the FROG @ease In-Line System featuring SmartChlor® Technology, designed to effortlessly preserve crystal-clear water. This innovative system utilizes pre-filled cartridges, eliminating the need for guesswork, and harmoniously blends chlorine and minerals for self-regulated sanitation. Say goodbye to chemical odors, and revel in the water’s newfound softness.

Available for all models in the Vacanza Series Spas lineup.

How it Operates

The @ease SmartChlor and Mineral cartridges discreetly tuck away, ensuring chlorine is released gradually for consistent water maintenance. It’s as simple as adjusting the dial on the cartridges and placing them into your spa. Chlorine cartridges remain effective for up to four weeks, while mineral cartridges last up to four months. Please note that this option is currently available exclusively in the United States, with bromine as an alternative option in Canada.

Explore Bromine as an Alternative

For those who prefer an alternative to chlorine, consider the FROG Serene™ bromine and mineral cartridges, providing an equally effective water care solution.