Smart Spa Technology

Optimize your spa relaxation

Effortlessly manage and keep an eye on your spa using your smartphone

Experience a Better Way to Enjoy Your Hot Tub

With the Caldera® Spas app, you can maintain a connection with your hot tub, even when you’re not at home. Conveniently adjust your spa’s water temperature, monitor the FreshWater® Salt System, receive timely reminders, and much more. Our spa monitoring system offers peace of mind, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the moment and create meaningful experiences.

Streamlined Technology for Your Convenience

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Gain the freedom to monitor and control your spa’s functions from anywhere, 24/7.
Picture a serene Caldera® Spa, highlighting convenience and tranquility, thanks to remote smartphone control.

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Focus on the company around you and savor the present moment. Rest assured, your hot tub is manageable from your smartphone, keeping you relaxed.
An easy-to-use Caldera® Spa with convenient ownership features, including helpful maintenance reminders.

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Receive valuable reminders that simplify spa ownership, such as when to change your water filter, initiate a cleaning cycle, or reach out to your dealer.


Take charge of your spa experience with ease:

  • Fine-tune water temperature, jets, and lighting
  • Keep tabs on and adjust the FreshWater® Salt System*
  • Choose your preferred audio inputs for entertainment*
  • Operate the CoolZone™ system* for ultimate comfort
  • Safeguard against unauthorized use with Spa Lock functions
  • Set seasonal timers to maintain water temperatures
  • Initiate a water cleaning cycle to keep your hot tub pristine

Monitor from Anywhere

  • Stay in control, no matter where you are:
  • Oversee multiple spas at various locations
  • Keep track of filter status and service intervals to minimize downtime
  • Add family members and service professionals as guest users

Relax and Indulge

Simplify and elevate your spa experience:

  • Unwind and relish every moment

*Features available on compatible spas. Note that remote temperature setting is limited to 80°F.

Explore Caldera Spa App

The Caldera Spas app operates with the Connected Spa Kit, an option that can be installed by dealers and is accessible on most Caldera spa models produced after 2014. To operate, the spa must be within 150 ft (45m) of the home network router. For more information, consult your dealer.