Clean Your Jacuzzi


You Can’t Lay Around in just Any Water

Making sure that your water is clean is always important. Clean drinking water is something that everyone needs, and something that everyone prioritizes over most other things. It is, however, also good to make sure that the water that you use to bathe is clean, and that your Jacuzzi is clean. When your Jacuzzi needs to be cleaned, the performance can be compromised, and this is something that you don’t want. To fully enjoy all of the therapeutic and ambient benefits that your Jacuzzi spa can provide to you, regular maintenance is recommended. For spot cleaning around the part of the jacuzzi that you lay in, you can use a little bit of baking soda, but the tub itself requires a little more.

Check Your Water’s Ph Level

Your Jacuzzi water’s pH or acidity should remain stable, preferably around 7. Lower pH in the water can kill microbes, but can also cause some discomfort for the user. When the water’s acidity is too strong, or the number too low on the scale, some of your cleaning solution may partially lose its effectiveness.

Clean Tub Filters

Remove your tub filters every couple of weeks to every couple of months, depending on how often you are using your hot tub. Once out, spray the filters with a hose, or rinse them off in a sink. Your hot tub filters, if properly maintained should last for a year or longer, but make sure to keep an eye on them after the first year. Your filters should not be replaced any less often than once every three years.

Drain Tub

This should be done a minimum of every three months. Even if you are not using your hot tub, water can stagnate, providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria. Even with its cover placed properly over the water, this poses a health hazard that is easy to prevent.

Scrub Tub Out

When most people get into their Jacuzzi, they’re bringing all of their days with them: the soap residue from their morning shower, their leftover skin moisturizer, lingering cologne, sweat, dead skin, and lint from clothing. Though much of this is invisible, it builds up in your Jacuzzi hot tub and can cause your Jacuzzi to underperform. Get it out with Jacuzzi brand cleaner and disinfectant.

Clean Your Jacuzzi Cover

Jacuzzi covers are usually easy to clean. Simply using soap and warm water with a soft cloth gets the job done. Keeping your Jacuzzi cover clean is helpful in the prevention of bacteria growth, as the cover will usually be splashed with enough water to become a good place for microbes.

Add Sanitizer

A Jacuzzi is an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish: it’s warm, wet, and dark. While there is no way to completely prevent bacteria from ever-growing in your Jacuzzi, a sanitizer such as chlorine or bromine can be added to the water, minimizing the amount of growth of unwanted bacteria.

Make Your Job Easier

Rinsing off in the shower, or even by the hose, before getting into your Jacuzzi lessens the likelihood that you will be getting into the hot tub with the very things you’ll later have to scrub off of the sides. Taking care of your Jacuzzi Hot Tub is protecting the investment that you’ve made for yourself.

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