Debunking Hot Tub Myths


Myth #1: Hot Tubs Are Difficult to Maintain

Hot tubs are a lot smaller than pools and therefore take less time to maintain. As long as you keep a regular maintenance schedule, it’s just one small chore added to your housekeeping list. Plus, it benefits far outweigh the amount of cleaning time! Remember to check your spa temperature, remove debris, and check for any signs of external damage so you can address it as soon as possible.

Myth #2: Hot Tubs Are Unsanitary

On the contrary, hot tubs are clean and most definitely sanitary when maintained properly. It’s the perfect place to soak and relieve sore muscles without the worry of bacteria. As long it has a working filtration system and you are cleaning it regularly, you’ll hardly ever need to worry about relaxing in your own hot tub. As an added tip: always make sure to keep your hot tubs covered when not in use. Make sure to clean those covers, too, as it helps prevent bacteria growth!

Myth #3: Hot Tubs Are Too Expensive

Hot tubs aren’t just for the rich and famous! In fact, spending a little more for a high-quality hot tub will save you money in the long run. Good hot tubs provide excellent insulation, a resilient motor, and are even energy-efficient. There are also a variety of hot tubs depending on your lifestyle and budget. On average for Los Angeles area residents, a hot tub often costs only $10-$20 a month to run.

Myth #4: The Chlorine Makes Your Eyes Burn

Although chlorine can cause minor skin irritation, it is not known for causing a burning eye sensation. In fact, if you are experiencing irritation in your eyes, it is usually due to imbalanced pH. Low pH can cause acidic water so make sure to test and balance your water once a week.

Myth #5: The More Jets, The Better

When choosing a hot tub, a lot of customers assume that more jets mean a better tub. While having a considerable amount of jets is important, it’s more important to focus on quality. You should also consider the placement of the jets and where it will be massaging your body. You might also want to look into adjustable vs. stationary jets. Lastly, you also want to look at your hot tub’s pump. This has the greatest impact on your jets’ performance. If your pump is not strong enough to provide jets with enough pressure, you won’t have the best massage you could be receiving.

If you have any additional questions regarding hot tub information, we recommend speaking with one of our spa specialists who can assess your needs!

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