Replacement Covers

Optimize your spa relaxation

Upgrade Your Hot Tub Cover

Experience Cost-Saving Energy Efficiency

Hot Spring® Spas introduces energy-efficient hot tub replacement covers designed to put money back in your pocket. These spa covers are an integral part of our Energy Smart® system, a key element in achieving the superior energy efficiency that distinguishes Hot Spring from the competition. When it’s time for a replacement, insist on nothing less than a genuine Hot Spring cover.

Replacement Covers for Your Collection

Hot Spring offers custom-fit replacement covers for various spa collections, including:

Highlife® Collection

 Tailored to fit your spa model and available in multiple colors.

* Shown in Chocolate
* Shown in Smoke

(Actual colors may differ from on-screen representation. Contact us to verify.)

*New Highlife Collection covers coming soon. Contact us for details.​

Limelight® Collection

Customized to your spa model and available in multiple colors.

Shown in Caramel
Shown in Chestnut
Shown in Slate

(Actual colors may differ from on-screen representation. Contact us to verify.)

Hot Spot® Collection

Designed to fit your spa model and available in multiple colors.

Shown in Nutmeg
Shown in Stone

(Actual colors may differ from on-screen representation. Contact us to verify.)

Energy-Efficient Excellence

At Hot Spring Spas, we lead the industry in crafting highly energy-efficient hot tubs and covers. Our durable vinyl hot tub covers boast insulating foam cores that tightly seal in heat, significantly boosting energy efficiency. By retaining heat, our spa covers reduce your energy bill. Additionally, their secure seal minimizes water loss through evaporation, further saving you money.

Premium Cover Construction

Our heavy-duty, marine-grade vinyl hot tub covers feature a custom-fit, tapered core that efficiently directs water runoff. Polyester threading and poly-ply laminate create a robust vapor barrier, shielding the cover from harsh weather, chemicals, and intense sunlight. Nylon flaps reinforce the zippers, enhancing durability and tear resistance. Your hot tub cover plays a pivotal role in the energy-efficient design of your spa, necessitating regular maintenance and annual inspections. Exposure to the elements means eventual replacement, and when that time comes, your local Hot Spring dealer can assist you. Unsure when to replace your hot tub cover? Our FAQ section and blog articles provide guidance on proper care and maintenance.

Built to Last

Hot Spring hot tub covers come equipped with exclusive, robust brackets for sturdy support and easy installation of our exclusive cover lifters. Each cover features double-stitched vinyl for a durable hinge and extra-strong padded handles, ensuring long-lasting performance. With 24 reinforced internal stress points, including aluminum reinforcement for increased strength and reduced weight, our spa covers are built to endure. A hot tub cover lifter extends your cover’s lifespan, making the process of removing, storing, and replacing the cover hassle-free. Without a cover lifter, handling a large hot tub cover can be a two-person job. But with a Hot Spring cover lifter, one person can effortlessly open and close the cover, keeping it off the ground and in excellent condition.

Safety First

Our covers are equipped with reinforced, adjustable straps for secure fastening. Each Hot Spring hot tub cover is UL-classified in accordance with ASTM safety standards and includes child safety locks for added protection.