How to Enjoy Your Jacuzzi in the Summer Months


During the fall, you use your jacuzzi all the time. When the summer finally rolls around, you replace the bubbles for the beach and keep the cover firmly planted on until the weather cools down again. 

That doesn’t have to be the case. 

You can use your jacuzzi all year round with a few simple tricks. Below, we’ve compiled our favorite ways to keep the bubble flowing all summer long without overheating. 

Set the Temperature to 85ºF or Less
Turn your hot tub into a cool tub with this simple trick. By turning your temperature town to 85ºF or less, you can create the perfect cool tub. Keeping the temperature at around 67-85ºF gives the water a nice cooling effect on the skin, creating a perfect cool down during the dead of summer. Plus, you can save on heating costs this way, too! 

Run Your Jacuzzi with the Cover Open & Air Jets On
If the water temperature in your tub is already hot, try this simple trick to quickly cool it down. When you run the jacuzzi with the cover open and the air jets on, you get the water circulating. This motion releases the heat quickly and cools down the water. Wait until the water cools down or hop in and enjoy a cooling sensation while the jets run. 

Create a Tanning & Cool Down Paradise 
There are some days when you just don’t want to leave the house. When the beach or local pool is just too much to handle, try replicating the best of those getaways at home. Set up a nice chaise lounge next to your jacuzzi and soak up the sun. Use the method above to cool down your jacuzzi. Then, when you get too warm, you can hop into your own mini oasis at home.

Finding the Right Jacuzzi for Your Space
Fall isn’t the only time to enjoy your jacuzzi. With a little creativity and temperature changes, you can keep your jacuzzi in use throughout the whole year. If you’re ready to add a jacuzzi to your space, let our team help you! We can help you create your own dream yard without you ever having to lift a finger.

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