Must-Have Hot Tub Accessories


Make Your Hot Spa The Most Relaxing Place in Your Home

The perfect hot tub comes with the perfect accessories! Below, we’ve recommended some products that are sure to be a hit with you, your family, and your guests.

1. Spa Umbrella

The Spa Side Umbrella can be used with any spa! It adds the perfect retreat atmosphere while protecting California residents from the summer sun as they soak. Installation is easy – just attach to the base. When not in use, it simply folds up to the side of the spa. This product already comes fully assembled with no hardware required. Available in your choice of colors: cream, navy, or rust!

2. Aromatherapy Bottles

Aromatherapy is all the rage! Blended with vitamins, natural extracts, and minerals, the fragrances are perfect for every hot tub. Use these inSPAration aromatherapy blends in your spa to create an energizing or relaxing atmosphere. It’s also widely believed that the inhaled aroma from the essential oils stimulates brain function! Simply add a few capfuls to the spa water and enjoy. Each blend comes in a 9-ounce bottle. We have everything from cucumber melon to lavender!

3. Mounted Tray

Our spa and hot tub mounted tray are a must-have for every hot spa! It provides a convenient place for you and your guests’ belongings. Keep your towels, drinks, water-resistant speakers, and more on the tray. Its dimensions are 24” by 21” and its grey granite color will match any spa design. It can be used with any spa and easily folds out of the way when not in use.

4. Swim Tether Kit

Want to improve your swimming techniques? This swim tether helps any swimmer perfect their stroke! It adds resistance so the swimmer remains centered in the counter-current of the Endless Pool swim spa. It also lifts the swimmer’s hips up to improve stroke and posture. If you’ve ever needed a work out for your spa, this accessory will do the trick! It comes with a canvas bag, a 3-piece tether rod, and a waist belt.

5. Replacement Cover

Every spa deserves a high-quality spa cover. If yours has worn out, we highly recommend Sunstar spa covers as the replacement choice. Designed with every detail in mind, the covers are energy-efficient, durable, heat-sealing, UV-protected, and will last for years to come. Each cover features handles, hinges, straps, high-grade vinyl, and virgin foam cores. Sunstar’s end pillow and full-length heat seal are all also designed to save heat and prevent moisture loss for long-term energy savings. Our covers come in a variety of colors; contact us for a quote today!

See an accessory missing from this list? Contact us today to tell us about your must-have hot tub accessory!

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