Preparing Your California Backyard for a Hot Tub Installation – 5 Easy Steps


Nothing is more exciting than getting ready for the installation of your hot tub — except using it, of course. Before the big day, however, there are a few important things to check off of your to-do list.

In this article, out experts at Lifestyle Outdoor in California take a closer look at what you need to prepare in your backyard for a hot tub installation.

1. Choosing a Location 

Location, location, location. That’s what it comes down to when buying a house. But it’s also pretty important for installing a hot tub.

Finding a spot close to your house isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is much more convenient. Finding an area with some shelter from the weather is also a good move. That way you can enjoy your spa even when it’s raining.

Perhaps the most important consideration, however, is that the area has good drainage away from your house. That way, you won’t have water seeping into your basement every time you drain your spa.

2. Measuring Your Space

If you have a wide-open deck or patio, you won’t need to get out your measuring tape. Small or awkward spaces should always be measured, however. It’s a good idea to jot down the dimensions and take them with you once you start spa shopping.

You’ll also need room to access a power source for the tub’s electrical needs and the ability to access the spa’s inner workings for maintenance and repairs. One of the best ways to make sure you have enough space for the hot tub you want is to take pictures of your space.

Along with the dimensions, this will help the experts at your local dealership to find spas that will work best for you.

3. Keeping Safety in Mind

To keep you and your loved ones safe when using your spa, it’s important it not be located within 10 feet of overhead power lines.

Fencing and locked gates are additional safety measures, to keep children, pets and other unauthorized users away from your spa. A hot tub cover with a lock is also recommended, especially if you have children yourself. This thwarts use of the spa when you’re not there and gives you peace of mind that your kids will stay safe.

4. Setting Up a Good Foundation

The foundation is one of the most important aspects of the installation. A base that’s not level can cause all sorts of headaches in the future.

So, whether you choose a patio or concrete slab, make sure it’s stable and flat. Even the smallest of angles or cracks can become an issue over time.

Full, a hot tub weighs at least 2,000 pounds. And that means any deck you place it on needs to be strong. Check with your contractor to see if reinforcements would be required to bear the extra weight.

5. Ensuring Your Privacy

Whether you have lots of neighbors or only a few, privacy is needed to ensure full enjoyment of your spa. A pergola or privacy wall are two of the best ways to achieve the solitude you need.

A pergola consists of four posts supporting a crossbeam roof. Walls of lattice or wooden planks are then added on one to three sides depending on your privacy needs.

A wooden privacy wall is an easier project. Simply build a wooden frame and use lattice or horizontal or vertical slats acting as a screen.

Lifestyle Outdoor

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