3 Exercises to Do in Your Swim Spa


Keeping your body in shape requires a lot of work. Whether you prefer classes or gym time, you’re often tasked with leaving your home to get your daily workout in. Gyms can be crowded and some are not equipped with the tools that you need to have a safe and productive workout. 

With an endless swim spa in your backyard, you can skip this altogether. With an endless pool, you can accomplish a myriad of workouts without putting too much strain on your joints and body. You can get the workout your body craves in the comfort of your own space. 

If you are looking to invest in an endless pool or you already have one, here are a few home workouts that you can accomplish. 

3 Low-Impact Swim Spa Exercises

1. Running 

Because your endless pool has a one-way current, this develops a resistance, much like that of a treadmill. Rather than running on flat ground, you will run against the rush of water while submerged in the pool. Running in an endless pool will fire up the same muscles that you use when running on land, but without the normal pressures. Water provides a weightless quality so you can reap the amazing benefits of a cardio workout without hurting or stressing your joints. 

2. Upper Body Training 

Working out your arms and upper body at the gym can be time-consuming. Because this is a very popular workout, weights and machines can be taken up for extended periods of time, causing your workout to take longer than expected. With a swim spa, you can reap the same benefits without the lines. Using the handles or grips placed by the end of the pool, you can use your upper body to push against the current, targeting the same muscles as you would with a dumbbell or hand weights.

3. Swimming 

Whether you are a training swimmer, a triathlon competitor, or just looking to get into swimming, a swim spa can help you become an expert at the sport. Swimming has been one of the most common workouts for decades because it targets the whole body. You can quickly build muscle, work on your endurance, and get in shape much quicker. With a swim spa, you don’t have to worry about crowded pools, pacing against others, or harsh chlorine. You can have a safe, clean, and customizable workout in the comfort of your own backyard. 

Exploring Swim Spas for Your Home

Today, there are endless varieties of swim spas that can make a great addition to your home and your workout routine. At Lifestyle Outdoor, we will get to know your wants and needs to help you find the best endless pool or swim spa that will enhance your life. Whether you are looking for ultimate relaxation or ultimate training, there’s an endless pool for every lifestyle.

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