Learning and Perfecting Your Stroke in an Endless Pool


Master Your Stroke in an Endless Pool

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer, or simply enjoy the therapeutic movement, swimmers should take the time to try and learn new strokes. Each stroke uses different muscles and works your body in a unique way.

An Endless Pool is an ideal place to learn and perfect your stroke. The pool creates a treadmill-like effect using powerful jets, so you never have to worry about hitting the wall. This allows you to focus all of your attention on your stroke.

Learn about each of the different strokes and hop into your Endless Pool to start training today!

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1. Freestyle

Freestyle is the most popular stroke. Swimmers bring their arms overhead one area at a time as they kick to propel forward. If you’re new to a swimmer or you’ve never had spent time swimming in a lap pool setting, you’ll want to master this stroke first.

Freestyle Swimming Technique

  1. With your stomach facing down and your face in the water looking at the bottom of the pool, reach forward with your right arm. Your hand should be cupped, and aim to keep your arm as close to your ear as possible.
  2. Once the right hand has reached into the water, pull it back towards your hip. As you do so, rotate the right hip upward and your left hip down, so your torso is now facing the right side of the pool.
  3. At the same time, your right hand is pulling water back, send your left hand forward to cup the water, and repeat Step 2 on the left side.
  4. Continue this motion moving through the water.
  5. Most of your movement will come from the upper body, but you should be kicking as well. Don’t kick by bending your knees. Rather keep your legs straight and kick to create more momentum.

Tip: To breathe on the right side, turn your head so your left ear faces the bottom of the pool and your face is looking right, as you’re pulling your right arm back. Do the opposite to breathe on the left side.

2. Backstroke

Backstroke is the same exact movement as freestyle, except you’re on your back instead of your front.

Backstroke Technique

  1. Facing upward so your back is towards the bottom of the pool, extend your right arm back with a cupped hand. Keep your arm close to the ear and bring the hand from behind your head, towards your hip.
  2. Rotate your torso towards the right side of the pool as you pull your right arm down.
  3. As you are moving your right arm down, send your left arm up and repeat the same actions on this side as well.
  4. Continue propelling through the water alternating between your left and right arms.
  5. Kick without bending your knees to create a powerful movement.

3. Butterfly

The butterfly stroke is known as one of the hardest techniques of swimming. It uses a lot of shoulder and upper back muscles that may not be adequately trained in some people since they generally aren’t muscles we use on a daily basis. Butterfly uses a dolphin-style kick, so your legs will stay together as you create an S-like motion with your body.

Butterfly Technique

  1. With your face in the water and stomach facing downward, start with your arms out in a T-position.
  2. Press your chest towards the bottom of the pool as you bring both of your hands out of the water and towards your head. As you are moving your hands forward, the backs of your hands should be pointed in the direction you’re moving and your thumbs should drag along top of the surface of the water.  Make sure your hands are cupped so you can pull water.
  3. Next move your arms towards your hips, pulling the water out of your way.
  4. At the same time, your body will be making a dolphin kick. Create an S-like motion by pressing your chest toward the bottom of the pool, followed by the hips and legs.
  5. Repeat all these motions together to find your butterfly stroke.

Tip: Lift your head straight up as you push your arms forward in order to breathe.

4. Breaststroke

Breaststroke is often a preferred swim technique for those recovering from an injury because it is a gentle movement.

Breaststroke Technique

  1. Start with your head above water and your hands together in front of your chest.
  2. Take a small dive forward, bringing your head and hands underwater.
  3. As you propel forward, straighten your arms and part them open. Turn your palms to face the side of the pool and push the water out of your way as you bring your hands back towards your chest. Repeat this circular motion.
  4. At the same time as you are pulling with your arms, use a frog kick with your legs. To do so, bring your legs together, in towards your bottom, and then out to the side. Then repeat.

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