How To Sleep Better With Hot Tubs


When you work hard during the day, the fatigue and stress on your muscles affect your ability to sleep properly.

Lack of a good night’s sleep, on the other hand, reduces your productivity and it costs you a lot in medication not mentioning the lost time at work and accidents. The American sleep foundation still recommends soaking in a hot tub as the best way to treat sleep disorders affecting over 20% of Americans.

The hot water bath offers hydrotherapy which has tremendous medical benefits. Setting up a regular cycle for your baths before sleep conditions your body to adjust to sleep and active states better. A hot tub allows you to do this comfortably and regularly from the comfort of your home.

Your body needs a transition from this state of excess muscle and brain activity to produce melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone). A hot relaxing bath will ease the stress on every part of your body and let your brain and heart muscles drift evenly to relaxation for the best sleep. This is why a hot tub will become your bridge between productivity and natural good health by:

1. Reducing your blood pressure while improving circulation

For you to get a good night’s sleep you need a drop in blood pressure. When your body temperature increases and stays at the temperature of the hot tub, your blood vessels relax. This causes your blood pressure to fall as blood circulation in your body becomes smooth and even. This will reduce your heart rate which helps you sleep nicely provided you won’t engage in stressful activity after the bath.

2. Reducing stress on your muscles and joints

Sleep has everything to do with reduced aches on your joints and muscles. The water in the hot tub gives your muscles a soft massage aimed at this purpose. Once relaxed, the cell activity in your body slows down which signals your brain to switch to inactivity that allows you to sleep faster.

3. Body temperature adjustment

When you enter the hot tub, your body temperature rises. Giving yourself about an hour before going to sleep after the bath, allows a temperature fall that evenly lowers cell activity in your body. When cell activity reduces, sleep-inducing hormones are produced faster allowing you to sleep quickly and nicely.

4. Reducing mental activity

Brain cells just like any other part of your body respond to relaxation. Reduced brain cell activity during hydrotherapy tells your brain to produce the sleep-inducing hormone. Melatonin hormone repels the stress hormones helping you drop stressful thoughts in your mind. This allows you to sleep faster and better.

5. Opening up your cell pores

For you to sleep well, cell metabolism needs to be at its optimum. Warm water expands the pores on your skin cells allowing the excretion of toxic wastes. You should avoid engaging in sweaty activities after leaving your hot tub for the best results.

Insomnia is the most common sleeping disorder among Americans. A hot tub will help you reduce the causes of insomnia using simple hydrotherapy at home. Most of the other sleep disorders can be controlled by the same mechanism. Once you are done with the therapy, get a nice book, or listen to soothing music under dim light to maximize the production of sleep-inducing hormones. Every day with a hot tub will make you healthier and more productive if you do this.

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