Ideas for Styling Your Hot Spring Spas Your Backyard Paradise


Style Your Hot Springs Spa in Your Backyard

Investing in a Hot Spring spa is a great first step toward transforming your backyard into a personal paradise. But to make the most out of your tranquil tub, you’ll want to add some additional finishing touches that will enhance the calming atmosphere. Try incorporating a few of these elements for creating an ideal staycation feel, so you can retreat from the everyday.

Waterproof Sound System

Some Hot Spring Spas have a sound system built-in, but if you purchased one without that option, simply invest in waterproof, portable speakers. Then make a playlist with soothing sounds from nature around the world. You can add the sounds of waterfalls, thunderstorms, or rain forests to make it feel as if you’re in a tropical paradise or opt for something more upbeat when you’re socializing with friends and family.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting largely influences our mood and can really transform a space. Options like lanterns, tiki lanterns, and solar lights offer a simple solution that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Many Hot Spring Spas have soothing LED lighting, so you may also consider using color-changing LED lighting throughout the rest of the space to create a cohesive look.

Steps and Walkway

Many people have their hot tub on their patio or deck, but if you have to walk across your yard to get to your hot tub, you should include a walkway so you don’t have to worry about muddy feet. You can choose to use natural rock material that feels like it’s from an exotic place. Or you can opt for a more modern feel with solar lights that make it easy for you and your friends to follow in the evening.


There’s nothing that will hinder a relaxing dip more than a lack of privacy. Opt for a canopy or pergola to give yourself a little more privacy while you soak. You can incorporate lighting and greenery into the design to give it a complete look.

Fire Pits

One of the best aspects of having a hot tub is that it provides you with a way to socialize and relax with friends and family. However, you likely won’t spend the entire evening in the hot tub. Having other social and relaxing elements throughout the backyard will make it fun for you and your guests to be outside longer. Fire pits are a great way to unwind and talk with friends, plus you have the added bonus of making s’mores and staying warm in the cooler months.

Flowers and Greenery

The best part about living near Van Nuys is that the weather is great for plants to grow in year-round. That gives you the freedom to plant a beautiful garden or add flower pots throughout your space without too much maintenance from season to season.

Taking the time to transform your backyard will help you enjoy your hot tub more. Each time you step out the back door, you’ll feel as if you took a little vacation from your daily life. You’ll experience the ultimate relaxation.

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