Does My Lap Pool Need Winter Maintenance?


Short answer: yes. 

Even in not-so-frigid California winters, winter maintenance is crucial for the longevity of your pool’s lifespan. With proper maintenance, you can keep your investment running like the day it was installed for years on end. If you’re new to winter maintenance or need a refresher, here are a few simple tips to keep your pool in excellent condition all winter (and all year) long. 

Invest in the Right Pool Cover 

Your pool needs a great fitting cover to remain unscathed throughout the winter. Protect it from excess rain, hail, debris, animals, and much more—and it’s the simplest way to guarantee this safety. Getting your pool cover is one thing, but keeping your cover in the best condition is another necessary battle. 

Typically, lap pools are above ground. This calls for different, more secure coverage than others. 

  • Ensure that the air pillow is fully inflated, the cables are secure and tightened, and, if necessary, check on the security of the cover clips. 
  • Remove debris that sits on top of the cover as frequently as possible. Debris as light as leaves can tarnish the integrity of your cover over time. 
  • If, in the odd event that snow or hail finds its way into your California backyard, it’s essential to remove it from the cover when it is safe to do so. The excess weight can also do damage to your lap pool cover. 

Balance Your Pool Chemistry Every Two Months

Rather than completely draining your pool for the winter, you can keep it semi running with the right balance of chemicals. At the start of the winter, discard all of the chemicals from the previous season. Create a proper balance for a low-usage winter, plus mark a date two months in advance to check on things. Without balancing the chemicals in your pool, algae and bacteria can start to grow. If it gets too out of hand, it can be a costly thing to fix. 

Protect Your Pool Parts 

Out of sight, out of mind—keeping your pool parts out of danger can help you have a mindful, relaxing winter. Everything from the pool pumps to the filter and heater should be protected. Plus, every month or so, they should be checked on, to further ensure their safety from the cooler temps and critters. 

Need Help With Your Lap Pool Maintenance? 

Our team at Lifestyle Outdoor is happy to help you create the most efficient and safe winter maintenance plan for your specific lap pool. Reach out to us today to speak with one of our helpful reps to start crafting a safe routine for your backyard.

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