Questions To Ask Before Buying An Endless Pool


What To Know Before You Buy An Endless Pool

For those looking to invest in some sort of new hot tub for their backyard, there are some other options out there such as an endless pool. Some might want a pool to take advantage of the ability to swim laps and keep in shape, but their current yard isn’t big enough to accommodate. This is where endless pools are a great compromise, and can actually be even better for swimmers in terms of what they offer. If you’re thinking about is investing in an endless pool, here are some questions you should have answered prior to purchase.

How Fast Is The Current?

For the most part, the speed of the current is going to be customizable based on what you’re hoping to do at any given time. Because it’s supposed to accurately simulate the experience of swimming laps in a full-size pool, the current needs to be fast enough to sustain the buoyancy of the swimmer who is pushing forward. The speed of the current can be adjusted quite easily depending on the specific model you get, so make sure you talk to the sales representative about the minimum and maximum available speeds. Some models will be better suited for certain people depending on exactly what they need.

Is It Just A Lap Pool?

What’s great about endless pools is that they can serve multiple purposes. First of all, they’re designed in such a way that people can relax and sit in them without needing to activate the swimming current, transforming it into a pseudo hot tub. Also, many models come with treadmills built into the ground, which makes them ideal for physical therapy. Also, if you’re a very active athlete, using the treadmill aspect while pushing against a light current is a great way to help your body cool down after an intense workout. The physical therapy benefits of these pools can’t be matched by something like a traditional hot tub.

What Does Maintenance Look Like?

Before you make an investment in something like an endless pool, you need to make sure you have a good idea of what maintenance and upkeep look like over time. You don’t want to buy a particular model and not be prepared to perform the necessary cleaning or draining when needed. Some models are going to be lower-maintenance than others, which is why asking these questions prior to purchasing is going to help you in the long run.

Can They Be Used Year-Round?

Depending on where you live, you might be able to take advantage of a swimming pool even in the wintertime! Some climates are going to be better suited for using something like endless pools, but they’re also designed with cooler climates in mind. Some of the available models can actually boost the temperature upwards of 90 degrees, which means even when it’s colder outside you can still use the pool for a great workout. Just make sure that using it in certain temperatures isn’t going to damage the water system in any way. The more you know about properly taking care of your new endless pool, the better it will serve you and your family over the years.

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