Reduce Mental and Physical Stress in a Jacuzzi Hot Tub


Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are Proven to Reduce Stress on the Mind and Body

Everyone suffers from stress. It can be stress from work, being a parent, or maintaining a relationship. Even positive stress like a promotion, planning a wedding, or moving to a new city can cause negative side effects. More than 43 percent of adults in the U.S. suffer from health complications that directly stem from stress.

With stress-relieving activities on the rise, like yoga and meditation, it’s no surprise that Jacuzzi hot tubs are becoming more popular. Hot tubs have been proven to contribute to overall well-being in various ways. See the ways in which you and your family could benefit from the stress-reducing qualities of a Jacuzzi spa.

Unwind The Mind in a Heated Jacuzzi Spa

A jacuzzi spa can help you relax in many ways. First, soaking in a tranquil hot tub will help you disconnect from a hectic day. With no phone, computer, or TV, you can fully immerse yourself in peace and quiet. The heated water also expands the blood vessels. Doing so improves your circulation and reduces inflammation. Using the hydromassage jets further relieves any tension in your muscles, which oftentimes can be created from stress alone.

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

The Better Sleep Council stated creating a regular, relaxing nighttime routine, such as soaking in hot water, will help people establish and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Soaking in a Jacuzzi hot tub can aid with issues such as insomnia or a constant stream of thoughts that keep you up at night. The hot water is relaxing and your body temperature will drop after your soak, which signals to your body and brain that it’s time to sleep.

Experience Improved Physical Well-being

Ancient Egyptians and Chinese cultures used water for the treatment of pain thousands of years ago. The hot water improves your circulation and reduces pain, and the gentle pressure of the hydromassage soothes aches deep in the joints and muscles. The buoyancy of the water also takes the pressure off of the joints, furthering the pain-relieving properties. Research has proven a Jacuzzi spa can improve lower back pain, post-exercise recovery, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Increase Your Fitness Training

Professional Olympians use the healing capabilities of Jacuzzi to speed recovery and keep their muscles functioning at an optimal level. If you exercise regularly, whether it’s for fun or you participate in physical competitions, recovering in a heated Jacuzzi spa can give you the edge you need to take your training to the next level and push through plateaus.

Purchase a Jacuzzi for Your Home Near Van Nuys

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