12 Best Hot Tub Accessories for Hot Tub Owners in 2024


Updating your backyard with a hot tub is an exciting adventure, and we firmly believe there’s nothing better than creating your own personal oasis to escape to at the end of each day.

With that said, everyone requires different things to make their time at home truly meaningful and enjoyable to them.

This is where hot tub accessories come in.

There are various ways to elevate your hot tub to suit your own personal style, desires, and needs, and finding the ones that work for you can have a profound effect on your overall enjoyment of your spa.

Curious about the kinds of accessories people have added to their hot tubs?

Then keep reading because, in this article, we’ll be breaking down the best hot tub accessories on the market, ranging from items to boost your family fun to ones that help make caring for your spa a breeze.

Let’s get started!

12 Amazing Hot Tub Accessories You Won’t Want to Miss in 2024

As mentioned above, hot tub accessories come in various forms.

While some provide ample entertainment making your backyard a fun and exciting place for backyard bashes, others have a much more practical purpose.

Below, you’re going to find options that fit into either of those categories, making it easy to discover new ways to care for your spa and create the luxury backyard escape of your dreams!

Practical Hot Tub Accessories

Whether it’s reducing the effort needed for your hot tub maintenance routine or simply making it easier to use your spa, there are lots of accessories to help.

Here are six of our favorite options!

1. Hot Tub Sponges

If you’ve ever noticed an oily scum line building up around the edge of your hot tub water, it’s likely it experiences a high level of organic matter building up in the water.

Organic matter comes from things like dead skin cells, body lotion, hair products, or cosmetics that end up in your water as you soak.

While there are some preventative measures you can take to minimize these oils from occurring, such as showering before your soak and keeping your hair up while in the water, hot tub sponges are a great alternative option.

Simply throw in a couple of hot tub sponges (or tennis balls if you’re on a budget) after each soak.

As they float around your hot tub, they’ll slowly absorb the oils that have built up and are floating on the surface of your water.

This will help reduce their buildup, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that scum lines form much less often.

2. A Digital Meter

Testing your water is essential in properly treating it. While one of the most popular methods to test hot tub water is with pH test strips or a water test kit, digital meters are an alternative option.

These meters make understanding your water’s chemistry levels much easier and are a great way to teach your teenagers how to do it themselves if you’re working towards them learning how to care for your family’s hot tub.

Something to keep in mind is that digital meters are a more expensive investment when you first purchase them. With that being said, it’s important to note that they replace the need to purchase pH test strips over and over, effectively saving you money down the line.

3. Steps

If you’ve got an above-ground hot tub, getting in and out may be difficult without a good set of steps.

While you may want to build your own if your backyard has a specific aesthetic you’re trying to maintain, you can also buy a set from your dealer that’s designed to match your spa cabinet.

Steps will help ensure it’s easy for everyone using your hot tub to get in and out and minimize the risk of someone slipping and hurting themselves by pulling themselves up onto the ledge of your hot tub to get into the water.

4. A Towel Rack

Not everyone’s hot tub is installed near a deck or patio, and finding places to keep your towels can be tricky if you don’t have a table or ledge nearby.

Investing in a small towel rack to place beside your hot tub can go a long way to ensure it’s easy to wrap yourself up as soon as you step out of the water.

Depending on the design of your rack, you may also find it helpful to store hats or hair ties for guests to tie their hair up before entering your spa.

5. Privacy Screens

Creating a luxury backyard spa can be tricky if you live in a densely populated area and have towering houses next door.

The last thing anyone wants when trying to unwind in their spa at the end of the day is prying eyes from neighboring homes.

Adding privacy screens or a gazebo around your hot tub can help maximize the privacy of your spa, ensuring you can soak in peace free from worry.

6. Hot Tub Cover Locks

While hot tubs are fun for the whole family, ensuring there are some safety precautions in place for families with young children or animals is essential.

Adding some hot tub cover locks can keep your cover locked down tight anytime you’re not using it.

Not only will this protect your spa from unwanted intruders or keep your children from opening the spa when unattended, but it will also help maintain the temperature of your spa, locking in heat more effectively.

hot tub accessories

Hot Tub Accessories To Amplify Each Soak

No matter how you choose to use your spa, including some accessories strictly to enhance your experience is a must.

Here are six hot tub accessories that have been leaving people raving for years!

1. Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Is one of your 2024 resolutions to give back to yourself more?

Maybe you want to prioritize your self-care or work towards lowering your daily stress.

While simply settling into your hot tub to reward yourself with a stress-melting hydromassage can go a long way, adding some aromatherapy to your session can take it even further.

Investing in some hot tub-safe aromatherapy options is a great way to maximize your hot tub benefits, but there’s another way you can add aromatherapy into your spa session…

Plant some aromatic plants nearby!

Whether you add some stunning lavender bushes around your hot tub or plant a small herb garden nearby, you can bask in the natural, subtle scents that will be filling your backyard all day long!

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Music can have a powerful effect on your emotions, and adding small waterproof speakers to float around your hot tub can ensure every spa session gives you everything you need.

If you’re enjoying a relaxing date night under the water with your loved one, add some quiet ambiance to create the ultimate relaxing environment.

Love hosting or have an upcoming hot tub party on your schedule? Crank those speakers up and let your favorite party hit mix fill the air and electrify your backyard with excitement!

Whatever your plans are for your spa, Bluetooth speakers are a great accessory to add to your spa.

3. String Lights

Add some sparkle to your backyard by hanging some string lights around your hot tub.

Not only will the soft glow from the lights create a more intimate atmosphere, but they also help elevate your backyard decor day and night.

Whether you want ultra-subtle fairy lights or prefer larger bulbs with stunning matte black caps, whichever you choose will elevate your backyard into the ultimate soothing escape.

4. A Towel Warmer

Looking for a way to elevate that towel rack mentioned above?

Investing in a towel warmer not only keeps your towels tucked away while you relax under the bubbling water, but it ensures you’ll be able to wrap yourself in comfort as soon as you step out of the water!

There’s nothing that can ruin a spa session faster than the sharp chill you experience after stepping out of perfectly heated water, especially during those cold winter nights.

A towel heater is a great cost-effective way to combat that.

Better yet…many have space to fit your fluffiest robe!

5. Waterproof LED Lights

While we talked about string lights above, LED lights are another great hot tub accessory that can elevate your hot tub benefits.

Studies have shown that color can have a strong impact on our emotional state, and adding some LED lights to your hot tub can help you tap into the ones that can help support your needs on any given day. This is commonly known as light therapy or chromotherapy.

For example, if your goal is to combat stress as you soak, turning your LED blue can help support that emotional shift.

On the other hand, if you enjoy using your spa in the morning and want a boost of energy, consider adding red or orange hues to your water.

6. Aquatic Workout Gear

Whether you’re chasing the goal of finding your fittest self this year or simply want to incorporate more movement into your routine, your hot tub is the perfect environment for a gentle yet effective workout.

You’d be surprised at the range of exercises you can do in your spa. From weight lifting to bodyweight exercises and even yoga, there are plenty of options.

Don’t forget, while you get your sweat on during a hot tub workout, keep a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated!

Hot Tub Accessories for Sale in Southern California

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