How Hot Tubs Help With Weight Loss


People are more overweight today than at any other point in documented history. The trail of finding wholistic measures towards weight loss has been long and bloody, such that the mere mention of weight loss leaves many agonizing with the idea of hitting the gym. While fitness training is a well-documented approach towards maintaining a healthy body mass, the science of the 21st century suggests that it is not the only way and, by far, not the easiest one either. Enter into the world of aquatic fitness!

Temperature, a British journal, published the results of a study into the effects of passive heating on metabolic well-being. The study revealed that soaking in hot water for an hour produces the same responses in anti-inflammation and blood sugar levels as an hour of moderate exercise. On first value, this may seem like a figment of rather hopeful imagination. Could lying in a jacuzzi or regularly visiting some hot tub(s) possibly measure up to toughing it out on the treadmill? Upon further investigation, the logic tallies!

Lying in a jacuzzi promotes the production of heat shock proteins, and this requires the expenditure of energy. These proteins, when developed, help in the regulation of blood sugar, meaning that this method of weight loss, by extension, spells hope for diabetic individuals or those with related metabolic health issues. Anti-inflammatory responses alluded to above, also occur, affecting the body in a manner similar to that of having exercised.

Studies of this nature are by no means isolated. Further research has closely associated hot tubs with reduced stress levels. Stress is transitively related to weight gain through the ‘stress hormone,’ cortisol and since hot tubs induce muscle relaxation and slower breathing, one could expect a drastic drop in cortisol and associated weight gain as one of its inadvertent effects.

Those who vouch for losing weight in the gym could also find passive heating in hot tubs as an indispensable tool towards reaching their goal. Hot water promotes the healing of sore muscles and works to relieve pain. This comes as a result of the body’s improved circulation. When coupled with a regular workout schedule, hot tubs can become the game-changing factor that ensures you can exercise at optimal capacity each time you step into the gym. You would, therefore, expect better results quicker!

Spas all over the world have long harnessed the power of hot tubs in promoting general well-being and, specifically, weight loss. While one would not eliminate regular exercise altogether, it would be wise to include relaxation in a hot tub or jacuzzi as part of your fitness regimen. Visiting one of the hot tubs in Los Angeles could prove to be a useful aid in your journey to the ideal body weight! This is particularly because, over time, you will grow to enjoy the journey and the process.

Talk of weight loss should not only bring back haunting memories of seemingly endless hours on the treadmill, but it should also remind you of how a comfortable environment allowed your body to do the work.

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