Hot Tubs vs. Sauna Health Benefits


Using a hot tub or taking a sauna bath has multiple advantages. Just a few minutes a day can bring benefits both physically and mentally for a person’s health.

Many studies support the beneficial practice of both activities. However, not many people know the extent of the benefits, and if one of the activities is much superior to the other.

A hot tub or sauna bath frequently enhances the well-being of a person in different ways. Both aid our bodies in similar ways such as relieving stress. Nonetheless, each one also has unique ways to improve our health.

Similarities between hot tubs and sauna

Possibly the main reason for people to either take a sauna bath or use a hot tub is to relieve stress. Relieving stress derives multiple benefits for a person’s body. For example, the person is less likely to suffer headaches and fatigue, as well as reducing the effects of depression and anxiety.

Additionally, muscle tension decreases with heat. An individual can experience faster muscle recovery and improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

Besides, both hot tubs and saunas help people losing weight as heat burns more calories. Also, both activities are great for achieving a deeper sleep at night, due to the release of endorphins that make people more relaxed when the bed-time comes.

Hot tub vs. Sauna

Although both activities provide some similar benefits, they also have particularly positive effects on a person.

Hot tub benefits

Using a hot tub every other time brings important benefits to a person’s health in the long-term.

Blood pressure

According to different studies, regular hot tub baths lowers blood pressure. Moreover, it’s a recommended practice for people with heart disease, as relaxing on a hot tub takes out stress from the heart.

Sugar levels

Bathing in a hot tub produces similar benefits as exercising and it’s a great activity for people with type 2 diabetes, according to research. The study suggests that bathing in a hot tub for half an hour, six days a week, can reduce sugar levels by more than 10% after a month.

Sauna benefits

Sauna bathers around the world improve their welfare with a short visit to the sauna room. A few minutes are enough to renew the mental and physical state of our body, as saunas provide the following benefits.

Fighting against illnesses

The heat of a sauna increases white blood production, fighting illnesses, and killing viruses. As a result, there are fewer incidences of colds and influenza.

Better skin

Saunas help us cleanse one’s skin. This happens after our body starts to sweat and rinsing bacteria, leaving our skin in better condition after replacing dead skin cells.

Hot tub precautions

Even though their use is advantageous, people should avoid hot tubs in certain situations. For example, using the hot tub during pregnancy is not recommended. The heat might not do well to the baby, which is why experts advise pregnant women to limit the use of the hot tub to a minimum.

Furthermore, people, in general, can benefit from using the hot tub. However, staying too much time in there could lead to fainting due to the drop in blood pressure.

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